What Drove Frank aka Food Boss to Start Posting Cooking Videos Online?

A transition from an entrepreneurial chef to a viral internet sensation.

Most success stories have a humble beginning from scratch which is followed by sheer determination and hard work. Frank’s story is a little different as he had already done the humble beginnings part and earned himself the life of a well-established entrepreneur who has two catering establishments operating in New York and New Jersey.

The Italian Chef decided to leap fate and started posting videos of him cooking at home in his kitchen. Very soon, these were trending, and Food Boss became an internet sensation.

With over one million followers on Tik Tok, Frank AKA Food Boss is a force to be reckoned with. It makes us wonder what was the reason behind him taking the initiative to post his videos online? Today we have Food Boss with us and he is going to share the thought process that went into creating his profiles across different social media platforms and give this a shot.

“I won’t try to gain everyone’s sympathy and say that I was in a bad place in life so I decided to give social media videos ago. The reality is, I had some extra time on my hands due to being stuck at home and it would be a shame if I let it go to waste. All my life, whenever I put my body-mind, and soul to something, it became a great success,” says Frank.

It cannot be supposed that the chef’s motivation to start posting his videos was to compensate for a certain failure. He has been running his two establishments named Ariana’s South and Ariana’s Grand for more than twenty-five years.

Food Boss adds, “When I was thinking of a new thing to take up, I knew it had to be something I had a natural knack for, expressed what I am in my personal life, and was something that would, to some degree, be a challenge for me. That’s when it hit me. Most of my friends, who were well-known chefs, had already started making and posting cooking videos. This ticked all my three boxesand my mind was made.”

The food business was nothing new for him but making himself the soul and face of his new brand was quite a challenge he chose for him. Belonging to a family with generations of culinary heritage, cooking was something that came naturally to Frank and he would never feel burdened in any way.

The last box was checked by choosing his home kitchen as the set for the videos. It would give a personalized perspective to the viewers and he would be comfortable sharing things about himself. His friends Guy Fieri and Dana White were already doing the same on their channels across various platforms.

“Once things started falling in place, there came a decision point. Either I could stick to only Italian foods and set it as the theme of my videos or I could be how I naturally am and cook all sorts of cuisine. My decision was simple, I was going to endorse the fact that Food Boss and even his catering kitchens DON’T ONLY COOK ITALIAN,” he adds.

It shows that a driving force for the Food Boss videos was to clear up the stereotype that Italian chefs and kitchens have only one specialty. Frank’s videos show him cooking all sorts of dishes and with the same level of proficiency. He does make classic Italian cuisine and goes on a trip down memory lane where he shares a little backstory to the recipe and how it is related to some childhood event.

However, he is also seen making carnivorous barbeques for the fourth of July, several iterations of lobsters, dozens of variations in classic American sandwiches, and alsodoes his take on famous recipes such as the Wagyu Beef Burgers.

“On top of everything else, I wanted to leave something uniquely significant in my legacy. Many people in my family have been running food establishments for decades but this is something special. I wanted to engrave myself and the magical food I make on the everlasting world of the internet. It is just my luck and the result of my hard work that we blew up and my videos went viral,” he added in the end.

The last words from Frank show that he did not aim to be viral from the beginning but rather wanted to stay true to his cause. While doing so, his style was adored by millions and he went viral.

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