What I Learned Speaking With 100 Business Owners Under Corona

The last two years have not been all black or white. 

What I Learned Speaking With 100 Business Owners Under Corona
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As I wrote about in the article on how it is to be a freelance writer, much of my work has consisted of talking to Norwegian companies during covid times, to learn how they are dealing with the situation. 

Because of the two-sided nature of covid (explained further below), working as a freelance writer has been just as rewarding now as it has been in the past.

In this article, I want to share some of the main things I’ve learned by speaking with 100 business owners under corona. Mind you, the lessons I’m sharing is not based on science or statistics, but simply on what the business owners have told me about their own experiences. 

1. The Two-Sided Nature of Covid

Some people might say I started as a business freelance writer at Influencive during the worst times, because many businesses are actually going through their worst times right now. On the other side, some are actually experiencing better business as a result of covid. 

This is not because they are exploiting the situation and other people in their favor, but because things like lockdowns and measures against the spread of disease have triggered stronger needs in certain areas. The few next points will highlight this further.

2. Online Businesses Seem to Be Doing Better

Since people are making a collective effort to reduce the level of infection, online businesses and services are more important than ever before. Instead of eating out, going to the cinema, or visiting their local bank for advice, services that deliver food, stream movies, and offer financial support online have seen increased business. 

3. Local Businesses Are Gaining Foothold Again

In the beginning of lockdowns, all businesses that had any kind of physical contact basically had to be shut down. This many local stores to shut down, and there was an immense amount of frustration around the country. “When are the governments going to help us?” was the question in the minds of most struggling entrepreneurs.

Eventually, though, the help did come in the form of large crisis packages. Because of them, as well as a reduced number of covid cases and lighter measures, many of these local businesses are now gaining foothold again. Some fell down, never to recover, of course, but the majority have survived, and are now even thriving in certain areas. 

These are some of the main things I’ve learned through my freelance writing and all the interviews I’ve done. But I’m sure there will be many other lessons we can glean from the experiences of these businesses as time progresses, and we move into (hopefully) better times. So stay tuned – you will still hear a lot from me!


Written by Geir Kristiansen

My name is Geir Kristiansen. I have the last 20 years worked in Norways biggest newspapers writing content and creating interview pieces. Writing about pretty much anything that readers find interesting. Now I work freelance! Looking forward to joining Influencive and contributing with high quality content.

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