What is Personal Branding and Why Do You Need It?

Personal branding is the unique way in which you can create value for others. It is an important way to make sure you are recognised as a credible person or business within your industry. Personal branding has become even more important as people are more reliant on the internet since the COVID-19 pandemic struck and forced everything online.

It’s a way to advertise you and your business to gain consistent customers so you never have to worry about where your next client is going to come from. Latinpresarios is the company helping you create your personal brand so that you stand out online and begin attracting clients without having to do any type of cold outreach. 

Alejandro I. Sanoja is the founder of Latinpresarios. He is also a personal branding expert, a TEDx and bilingual speaker, an award-winning MBA and a guest lecturer at the C.T. Bauer College of Business. His impressive resume has led him to be named 1 of the 6 personal branding experts to follow in 2022. Alejandro has worked with many clients from private agencies worth $44 million dollars to small businesses needing brand creation and marketing strategies. Alejandro uses his experience and expertise in personal branding to make you and your brand stand out online. 

Alejandro is always looking to give back. At the moment he gives back by sharing his expertise through lecturing for TEDx and the Bauer MBA program as well as writing business content for online publications. He also hosts a business podcast where he shares tips and tricks for businesses such as common misconceptions about making a LinkedIn profile.

His podcast also hosts guest speakers such as CEO and business specialists who share their expertise with his listeners. Alejandro encourages his clients to always look for ways to grow and practice what he preaches, reading in excess of 52 books each year to continue expanding his knowledge. 

Alejandro’s dedication and determination come from a background that required him to be resourceful. As an international student, Alejandro faced massive amounts of debt so he began a marketing consulting company with a friend. In less than two years, they were able to make a business with $0 in revenue into an incredibly successful boutique marketing consulting company making over $250,000 in recurring revenue. 

His background as an entrepreneur demonstrates his hard work, a big reason why people choose Latinpresarios for their personal branding needs. They know that Alejandro is always going to deliver a quality product that aligns with your personal views and stands out from your competition.  

In this day and age, it’s essential to have a strong personal brand and online presence. If you’re ready to get a consistent stream of clients, get in contact with Alejandro at Latinpresarios via their website

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