What is Product-Market Fit and How Can You Find It?

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When it comes to starting your own business or running a start-up, there are a couple of crucial goals you want to try and hit as soon as possible – one of those is a product-market fit. Truthfully, product-market fit is so important that it should always be a company’s goal because if a company doesn’t have a product-market fit, it may have trouble with longevity.

So what is product-market fit, and why is it so important? Further, if the product-market fit is crucial to success, how can you find it?

If you have been wondering these exact questions – here is everything you need to know!

What is Product-Market Fit?

In a nutshell, product-market fit is a term used to describe a sweet spot every business wants to achieve where their target consumer consumes the product they are selling. To go a little further, it’s not that it’s just that the target audience is consuming a particular product, but they are doing it with enthusiasm.

This term refers to the overall success of a product created for a specific demographic and performing well. This means that not only sales are an indicator, but so is natural marketing. For example, if one person buys a product and loves it, and then gets their friends to buy it and they love it – and this continues, and more and more people fall in love with a product – this is product-market fit.

How Do You Achieve Product Market Fit?

So product-market fit is essentially the no-brainer of every business’s deepest desire – success! But how does a brand find product-market fit, and what does it take to acquire this?

The good news is that product-market fit is not the result of happenstance or chance. That means that this achievement is not the result of something just ‘working’ – but more likely the result of a lot of hard work and some good old-fashioned trial and error. For a brand to find its product-market fit, there are many factors to consider.

Rarely, if ever, will a particular product just magically have a product-market fit with its target demographic. This achievement typically indicates products undergoing countless reassessments, modifications, and changes. What makes all of this worth it, is that product-market fit can have big implications for a company’s future.

If a business can achieve product-market fit, they have a shot at longevity and customer loyalty that will keep them in business for years to come.

Finding Product Market-Fit

Some key factors have to be taken into consideration when trying to achieve product-market fit and one of them is email marketing. One of the most important ways to know if your brand is achieving product-market fit is by communicating and customers, and mass email marketing is a great tool for this.

In fact, working with an ecommerce email marketing agency is a fantastic way to help your brand achieve the goals that it wants. Not only is email marketing a proven method of acquiring new customers and establishing brand loyalty, but it can be used powerfully to find product-market fit.

This can happen through an email campaign that welcomes customer input – what they love, what they hate, what they would change, and what they wouldn’t about a product. It could be used to create a testing beta, or it could be used to gather levels of satisfaction to confirm that product-market fit has been achieved.

Be Flexible and Commit to Your Goal

One of the most critical factors in finding product-market fit, is the willingness to be flexible and see an original idea, or direction change. If the goal is to find product-market fit and make your customers happy – stick to that goal. This might mean changing core concepts that you loved about your product, but these changes could be what launch your business to success.

This might prove to be challenging for some startups but never take this personally. If something about the product or service your business offers doesn’t seem to work – try something else and see if it sticks. It could be that a simple change does the trick, or it could be that the problem is entirely somewhere else.


Being able to find product-market fit involves being connected to your target audience and being able to communicate with them. This can be a challenge as this audience may be quite substantial or spread all over the globe. An eCommerce email marketing agency can help you bridge this gap between your brand and its customers in a meaningful way that can get you the information you need.

With clear channels of communication in place, and a willingness to put the brand first and change what needs to be changed, you can find product-market fit and achieve success!

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