What Is the Future of Sports During the COVID-19 Era?

Without a doubt, the coronavirus pandemic has impacted everyone. There are countless people who have struggled to maintain gainful employment during this difficult time and there are many people who are wondering what their medical future is going to be as well. Traditionally, many people have looked at the sports world as a way to escape from all of their problems. At the same time, even the sports world has not been safe during the pandemic.

Virtually, every major sports league was forced to shut down for an extended period of time during the pandemic. Now, sports is continuing. At the same time, they are not providing the same escape from the pandemic that many people have enjoyed. Images of empty stands, strange moments of silence, and the unusual rescheduling of numerous sporting events due to the pandemic has changed the way people look at sports. As a result, many people are wondering what the future of the sports world might be and Big Al has some interesting takes.

First, for those who would like to return to sporting events in the near future, this is largely going to be dictated by local policies. There are some areas where fans are already being allowed at sporting events. For example, fans are allowed at the World Series this year, which features of Los Angeles Dodgers against the Tampa Bay Rays. At the same time, there are some NFL stadiums that are still not allow expanse. The reality is that it is up to the local governments regarding whether or not they are going to allow fans in the stadium in this is going to be dictated by local coronavirus positivity testing rates. If the local area is a hotspot for the virus, the fans are not going to be allowed in the stadiums. 

At the same time, there are many people who are wondering when sports are going to return to a sense of normalcy. It is difficult to predict this as well. For example, fans are not going to be allowed to return in full force until there is a vaccine. A vaccine is the only way that we have a hope of getting this virus under control. Even though there are some people who say a vaccine is going to be ready in just a few months, the reality is that a vaccine is unlikely to be ready until sometime during 2021. Even after a vaccine has been developed and proven effective, it is going to take some time to distribute this vaccine to everyone. Therefore, it may still be some time before we end up seeing the Sports World return to normalcy. 

Large football stadium with lights under cloudy sky

In the meantime, everyone has to be happy with having sports back at all. Many people remember what it was like when all of the sports leagues ground to a halt and were totally absent during the Spring. It would not be far-fetched to say that the lack of sports contributed to the rise of mental health problems during the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, sports are back and everyone can enjoy them on TV. Even though it might be a while before people get to go and enjoy sports again in person, this does not mean that sports are not enjoyable. They are doing a good job with the NBA pulling off a successful season and Major League Baseball getting ready to crown a champion. Sports has shown that it is possible to hold events even during the pandemic. It will be interesting to see what happens next. 

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