What It Really Takes to Share Your Message

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When you’re building your personal brand, or even perhaps your company, you will have a message you need to share that allows you to differentiate yourself. Yet, sharing your message on why someone should work with you or your company comes from the art of storytelling. There are thousands of entrepreneurs who couldn’t bring their message to life, but if they followed some simple advice, they would’ve compelled an audience.

It’s not easy sharing your story with the world. You may think that you’re unique or different, but are you really? You have to really think about what makes you different. What is something you can incorporate into your message that no one else can? If you’re a business coach, you know there are thousands of other business coaches, so what’s the one thing that makes you different? What’s your million-dollar message? But, I get it; it’s not easy to figure out. That’s why I spoke with Garrett Adkins, who works with entrepreneurs to craft and distribute their message through his influencer marketing agency that reaches over 300 million people monthly.

Garrett is the wizard behind the curtain when it comes to creating virality around social initiatives. Seeing how vital the internet was to his own self-discovery and development, Garrett has dedicated his creative and entrepreneurial effort to shedding light on initiatives and people tackling the world’s biggest problems or simply showcasing the positive news that is currently happening. Through his work, he hopes to inspire his “16-year-old-self” or anyone looking for community, education, or change within their life.

If I knew anyone could teach the entrepreneurial community on how to craft and share their message in their own unique way, Garrett was the guy to do it. When interviewing Garrett, I wanted to understand how someone can craft their story from scratch and create a raving fan base of like-minded people. I also wanted to know if everyone has a story to be shared, and, if so, how they share it. This is an interview you’ll want to take notes for, because it will impact your life and take your business to another level!

What Makes a Story Compelling?

For me, a compelling story is one that sparks emotion within the viewer and allows him or her to see themselves within that narrative. When you are capable of sparking empathy, inspiration, or ownership, the viewer is much more likely to act (or at least remember the content), as opposed to just stating statistics.

For example, we have all heard that plastic is not sustainable for our planet, yet few people act. What DID make people cut back, or at least reconsider plastic consumption, is seeing a helpless sea turtle have a straw stuck in his nose.

That piece of content will have a more immediate impact than any statistic could.

Do You Think Everyone Has a Story That Needs to Be Shared?

Yes, and, more importantly, it doesn’t matter who you are. Everyone has a unique perspective and life experience that can spark change in the world. It is not possible for one person to connect with all 7 billion individuals on the globe. You (the reader) have a way to relate with thousands that I personally never could. 

We are in a scarcity of inspiration and encouragement while simultaneously abundant in fearful news or negativity.  Getting clear on your passion and message can have ripples of impact on your viewers, friends, and family.

What Are the Best Ways Someone Can Share Their Story?

Having the ability to give an “elevator pitch” of your story and passions is a powerful tool.

If you don’t live under a rock, I’m sure you get the question “so what do you do?” all the time. Each time you are approached with it is an opportunity to practice your storytelling abilities and redefine who you are. As opposed to just saying, “I work at the bank…”, you can talk specifically about what you are trying to become, what truly lights you up, and pivotal moments that define who you are as a person.

Speaking to new people on the phone daily through my work has given me the opportunity to see which parts of my life story garnish laughs, have people on the edge of their seats, or make people snore, which is a sign that I should cut that out in the future.

How Can Someone Create a Viral Asset?

Easy – well, sort of. The most viral medium online right now is video. Grab attention early on in your video, pick a subject that is universally felt (love, animals, health, education), focus on sparking an emotion as opposed to just laying on facts, think in terms of “would someone share this video to their friends”, and, additionally to that, have it featured on respected sites or take the time to personally reach out to as many media outlets, groups, and friends to help spark the initial boost of your video. Distribution and putting in the energy to be featured on outlets is vital on social media today. Your favorite influencer most likely has a full list of their network that they message for every release.

Production is only one component of virality. Distribution is a whole other animal.

In Order to Become SuccessfulIs It Necessary to Share Your Story?

The ability to spark emotions and share lessons through storytelling is only a benefit to whoever you are.

With that said, what do you define as success? If we are speaking purely on a financial scale, then I’m sure you can be a Wall Street genius or wizard coder and make a bunch of money. If you want to make a true impact, look at any great leader, influencer, or creator and you will see that they are brilliant at sparking emotion through their stories or art.

How Does Sharing Your Story Create a Human Connection?

It’s simple: a good story should contain both “lows and highs”, “ups and downs”. Being vulnerable about your mistakes and successes allows the viewer to see your relatability and build a connection.

A story is also one of the oldest tools used by mankind. Thousands of years before we could even write, lessons and culture were passed down strictly through myths and stories. We are ingrained with the ability to receive and relate to stories as a medium.

What’s the Best Piece of Advice You’d Give to Someone Wanting to Improve Their Impact Through Social Media?

I’d have to say that, no matter how much you know about finding your niche, storytelling techniques, or number of followers… just start. You can (and should) always put additional energy into education and improving your craft, but the fastest way to learn is to do so through experience.

Doors will open and clarity will be gained along the way. It is impossible to plan for every mistake or unexpected victory, so just start creating authentic content and be easy on yourself during the learning process.

Find joy. Find passion. Make a difference for one, two, one hundred, one million people… every person counts.


You can find Garrett on Facebook, Instagram, and you can also join his mailing list!

I also encourage that you check out the companies he’s involved with, Superhero Academy and Valhalla Movement, as you’ll be able to learn more about what it takes to learn the art of storytelling, and, as always, don’t hesitate to reach out to Garrett. I know that he’d be glad to answer any questions that you might have!

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