What Marketing Strategies Still Drive Growth? Kyran Jones, of The Hello Group Explains

Kyran Jones, music and media executive from London runs operations at The Hello Group (THG), overseeing marketing activities (including production of marketing assets), management and distribution.

He negotiates accounts and oversees the team handling content strategy, production, deliverables, and reporting for Hello Digital’s European campaigns (in collaboration with Hello’s production department). This is the influencer marketing division of THG, which has run campaigns for many companies, including Mattel, Coca-Cola, Primark, New Look, DreamWorks, HP, Atlantic Records, Warner Music Group, and Universal Music.

Kyran also helped close a strategic partnership with Europe’s leading influencer marketing SaaS platform ‘Post For Rent’ and later served as its Head of Talent for two years (as a contractor for THG).

At Post For Rent, he worked directly alongside the company’s Chief Commercial Officer (brother, Taylor Jones) and was in charge of the company’s talent onboarding and operations. He led global event activations, platform developments, and strategic partnerships. During his time at the company, the user base grew from eight million in reach to more than one hundred million.

The next steps for The Hello Group will take the company into the world of television, where Kyran’s team is focusing on developing original TV shows and movies which include the THG artists. Hello Pictures, the original content division of THG, will launch in November 2021, headed up by Kyran and his brother.

We got to ask Kyran some quick-fire questions on marketing strategies:

What tools would you recommend to streamline digital marketing campaigns?

You can use platforms like Post For Rent, Influencer, or work with agencies like THG to really have a hands off approach. The platform way is still hands on, but the tech takes a lot of the nitty gritty out of it and allows you to report and track automatically which is great.

The benefit of working with a seasoned agency like ours though, is that we’ll handle the creative strategy through to the production of the actual content, and everything in-between. This all depends on your budget, though.

How can I make sure I am being seen on social media?

Having a lot of followers doesn’t solve the problem anymore – as the rise of paid media has taken effect. Building a good viral campaign includes putting paid spend behind your content (whether that’s film, music, or other content) so that the social media platforms allow your audience (and new audiences) to see your ad, video, song or product.

Does influencer marketing work by itself, or only within a comprehensive PR campaign?

Just like a billboard run or a single radio spin or publication, each piece of marketing naturally has a solo impact, but it’s limited and often not enough to really get the job done. We recommend influencer marketing as the focus point of a campaign, because you can track and monitor results vs spend easily. Once you start adding in traditional PR methods to compliment the social component, that’s what really starts to solidify your campaign and drive home long-lasting consumer effects.

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