What Should Physical Therapists Post on Social Media in 2021

Here is what Physical Therapists are posting on social media in 2021 to drive the most leads.

Social Media Marketing For Physical Therapists. (Image sourced via: Adem AY).

It is no doubt that social media is a valuable tool for the marketing of any business. These days, you can reach your potential clients at virtually all times. If you own a PT practice but aren’t sure what to post, you’re in the right place.

1. Value-Based Content

If you share content that lacks value, you’ll struggle to keep your audience engaged. Always make sure that you are trying to create valuable content that your patients can relate to. 

2. Sharing Positive Reviews

Encourage your clients to provide positive feedback on Google or Facebook. Reviews are one of the most important methods in attracting new patients to your practice. After seeing the satisfaction of your previous clients, they will surely come to your clinic.

3. Client Success Stories 

Sharing client testimonials is always a must for your Physical Therapy practice. You should display the success stories of your clients on social media platforms (of course with their permission). If people observe the endorsement of other patients, they will be more likely to use your services. 

4. Case Studies

Make your business profile more attractive on social media by sharing the advantages of the Physical Therapy treatment through case studies. 

5. Educational Content

Sharing educational content that relates to your services is always a good idea. Whether you are sharing articles, blog posts or infographics, interesting educational content is a great value-add. 

Can I Outsource My Social Media Marketing?

Interested in outsourcing your PT practices social media? Cox Visuals is New Jersey’s premier social media agency and the expert in helping you boost your practices digital footprint on social media. From setting up your profiles and creating professional content to publishing regular posts and engaging with your followers, we do all the heavy lifting. Text “PT” to 908-930-9813 to chat with our social media experts.


Written by Brendan Cox

Brendan Cox is an American entrepreneur specializing in influencer marketing and social media. He is a driven entrepreneur looking to help businesses and influencers leverage social media to the fullest extent. Under his leadership, Business Blurb has grown exponentially and became the fastest-growing entrepreneurial media company.

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