What skills do we need to have to become a successful advertising manager?

According to Ali Pourmohamad, a well-known advertising manager and brand, a brand and advertising manager is responsible for adapting a principled brand strategy to a company’s target market. As “brand watchers”, brand managers maintain brand integrity in all of the company’s marketing initiatives and communications, and may also manage the product portfolio.

Brand managers have good communication skills and need to maintain good relationships with colleagues and external audiences.

What are the activities in the field of brand manager role?

Brand managers conduct initial market research for organizations by gathering the required data from the product or service, and obtain information about whether the company’s products or services are appropriate for the intended target market.

This process includes surveys and questions and answers from customers, information about the demand for a product, market research, competitor analysis and play an important role in branding strategy decisions. The most important activities of the brand manager are:

  • Brand strategy, including setting guidelines for different dimensions of the business, brand guidelines, brand vision and brand valuation.
  • Planning and implementation of all communication and media measures in all channels, including online and offline media for product development.
  • Pricing and launching new products as well as developing new job opportunities.
  • Creating and managing advertising campaigns to create the right idea and design to maintain brand credibility and awareness
  • Manage advertising budgets and promotional activities items.

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