What to do After a Motorcycle Accident: A Step-by-step Guide

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The number of accidents on the roads is only increasing every year, which makes us think more seriously about safety and how to be prepared for such a situation. Of course, most often cars get into an accident, but despite the fact that there are much fewer motorcyclists on the road, no one can insure them from an emergency. A motorcycle accident is more likely to be more dangerous than a car accident due to the fact that motorcycles cannot adequately protect the driver from personal injury and mutilation.

Plus, it can be difficult for their owners to receive monetary compensation after an accident. Therefore, you should definitely contact your motorcycle accident lawyer immediately after the incident, and even better, consult with him in advance in order to know what to do if you are in such an incident. But if suddenly, you have not done this, then here is a step-by-step guide that will help you.

  1. Get to a safe place and examine yourself for injuries.

As soon as an accident occurs, try to get up and move to a place where you cannot be hit by a passing car. When you do this, examine yourself for injuries. If circumstances permit, look around and check who else was involved in the accident. If necessary, also give them reasonable assistance.

It’s even better if you can get your bike out of the way so it doesn’t interfere with traffic. To be as safe as possible, do not remove your protection after an incident. It is better to do this when the doctors arrive at the scene and can provide you with the necessary assistance.

  1. Call the police and an ambulance.

After you have recovered, looked around, and reached a safe place, you will need to call 911 to call all the necessary specialized services.

While the police are driving, you can collect some necessary information:

  •  Gather the contact details of the other party involved in the accident, information about the weather, road surface, and all road conditions at the time of the accident. It would also be good if you collect data on the brands of vehicles involved in the accident.
  • Make a photo and video report. It will be a big plus if you can document the consequences of the incident with the help of photo and video shooting. Take pictures of the damage to vehicles, including your motorcycle. Take pictures of the situation around the accident, all external damage that you see, and license plates. This evidence will help you defend your case later if needed.
  •  Take affidavits from witnesses. Find eyewitnesses of the situation and ask them to describe on a piece of paper everything they saw. Be sure to ask them to put the current date and your signature. These actions can also work in your favor.

After the police arrive at the scene, they will begin to take statements from both participants in the accident. Your task is to ensure that the protocol of the incident is correctly drawn up.

This document is of the utmost importance as it describes each participant’s version of the events in the accident. Check the correctness of the information entered there about your contact details and car insurance.

  1. Seek medical attention and report all injuries.

Seek medical attention immediately after an accident, even if you feel well enough. Tell your doctors how uncomfortable you are and ask them to document your symptoms. You need to explain everything in as much detail as possible so that, if necessary, the doctors can help you.

An injury that seems minor at first can have a bad effect on your health in the future, which is best avoided. So, the sooner you tell about your state of health, the sooner treatment will begin and the better you will soon feel. Also, if sometime after the accident you have new symptoms, be sure to return to the doctor and explain all the details to him.

  1. Contact your attorney and file a claim with the insurance company.

Before contacting an insurance agent, be sure to contact an experienced Indiana personal injury attorney for help in resolving this situation. The thing is that insurance companies are trying to make you an offer for the most part profitable for them. In this situation, a good lawyer will come in handy more than ever. He will be able to knock out the best offer for you. According to exactly the same scheme, you need to act if an appraiser comes to look at the damage after an accident. Always have these meetings with your lawyer.

Another tip is that you do not need to conduct dialogues with an insurance company lawyer without the presence of your personal lawyer. After a while, this can play against you, since he will interpret any of your statements as he needs. Therefore, always look for a good lawyer and contact him for help or advice. If he has enough experience, he will be able to solve most of your problems related directly to the accident.

  1. See a doctor until your health is completely back to normal.

This is very important because health should be the most important thing for you. Attend all appointments, take all the necessary tests, and go through all the procedures. If you act in this way, you will be able to restore your level of health and minimize the risk of any health problems that could arise from an accident.

Remember that you can never completely protect yourself from getting into an accident. However, if you prepare for such a situation in advance, then you will know what to do and be able to quickly navigate what is happening. Therefore, follow all the points described above so that in the event of a traffic accident you can protect yourself physically and legally as much as possible.

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