What You Can Expect in a Reiki Session With Marie-Anne Bisson and the Doorway

A Manitoba Maple tree creates a canopy over the large picture window where Marie-Anne Bisson looks out, anticipating her client’s arrival. After playing her drum and calling in her and her client’s spirit guides to come and support them during the session, she walks out of the small house where she works, nestled in amongst the oak trees.

As Marie-Anne makes her way down the sidewalk, past the large spruce, she places her hand on an oak and takes a few deep breaths to ground herself, as she and the oak reciprocate the cycle of the breath. “When my client arrives, old or new, I like to greet them at the bottom of the sidewalk,” Marie-Anne explains. “We walk to the house together and sit down at the small, circular oak table in the kitchen, where they are asked to complete a consent form. All of my services are confidential.”

Rather than disclose any additional details prior to their Reiki session, Marie-Anne Bisson recommends they have the session, and once done, she will share her insights first. This validates whether or not her information resonates with what the client is experiencing.

“As we enter my Reiki room, I play soft music to help the client relax. Additional blankets and pillows are available to ensure the client is comfortable. I recommend that they set their intentions to only allow the energy that is for their highest good,” says Marie-Anne. The client is fully clothed, and this is a hands-on treatment, except for their private areas, where the hands are held above the body. If the client prefers, the hands never have to touch their body.

“I am intuitively guided by my spiritual team to where the energy is required, and at times, I receive messages from Spirit for my client. Before I even begin, I usually feel physical or emotional symptoms on my own body. To explain, perhaps my ears and throat will suddenly hurt. I know those aren’t my personal feelings, and the body often responds in what I call the rubber-band effect.” Marie-Anne is keenly aware when the client’s body responds when she works on certain parts of their body. They might suddenly turn their head, jerk their body, tear up or hold their breath.

Marie-Anne explains that one part of the body will affect the other. After the session, she will ask the client if they’ve experienced a situation recently where there may be difficulties in communicating (throat), and if they are upset about something they heard (ears). It often happens where the client will share that they had a verbal argument with their partner and were told things that hurt them or made them feel like they couldn’t speak their truth.

“As the client lays down on their back, I begin by making the Reiki symbols with my hands and focus the energy on each of the chakras until I feel the energy is flowing evenly with all the other chakras.” Marie-Anne Bisson continues, “When I’ve completed one side, I’ll ask the client to turn onto their stomachs if they are comfortable doing so, and continue working on them in that position.”

She completes her sessions by having them turn over onto their backs a final time, and she does the Reiki symbols over them once again and seals the energy in them, to continue to encourage healing for the days and weeks that follow. Finally, she thanks the guides and the Creator for supporting them, and the session is complete.

“It’s at this time we return to the kitchen table to review what I sensed and then ask the client for their thoughts. For me personally, I can describe what I feel as warm, tingling energy in my hands, pushing through their body. When I sense that the energy isn’t moving through a leg, for example, I continue to focus the energy until I feel the blockage release and the energy flow through it, freely,” says Marie-Anne.

She continues, “I am a conduit of this life force energy. I help release any blockages in their chakras or energy centers of their body and help balance them on an emotional, physical and spiritual level. Reiki creates deep relaxation, therefore promoting healing. After their sessions, clients describe being in a deep state of relaxation, and sometimes see multiple colours around them, through their third eye.”

Some describe Marie-Anne’s hands as very warm and pulsating energy through their body. They feel centered, have more mental clarity, and are more relaxed and refreshed. They often write back later and report having a better night’s sleep afterward.

Reiki doesn’t provide a diagnosis, but Marie-Anne does make common sense suggestions such as drinking more water or following up with their health care providers. Reiki is cumulative, and clients usually have progressively deeper experiences as they continue to have repeat sessions, although they are not necessary.

To be available for clients who are unable to travel or have time restrictions, Reiki can also be offered for people and their pets through distant Reiki. The session lasts the same length of time, and Marie-Anne follows the same process as if the client were present in the room. She remains on the phone with them throughout the entire process. The results are just as powerful and a great resource to accommodate persons in need, anywhere they are and at any time.

For more information on Marie-Anne Bisson and her business The Doorway, feel free to follow up with her on her website www.thespiritualdoorway.ca.

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