What You Need to Know About Online CBD Sales to Teenagers

If you’re wondering how old to buy CBD or, more specifically, if a child is old enough to be given a CBD supplement, then you are probably interested in the compound for one of its many medicinal benefits. CBD has exploded onto the scene over the past decade, unlike almost any other “superfood” or “miracle product” we’ve ever seen. And there are plenty of reasons why: CBD helps with sleep, inflammation, muscle recovery, anxiety, pain relief, and more. And it does all this naturally and with little-to-no side effects.

Parents have been increasingly turning to CBD, especially those who would rather not give their kids products like ibuprofen or other unnatural pain killers, known to have negative health consequences. Rightly so, many parents are also conservative and don’t want to give their children anything that may harm them. Hence, what is the appropriate age for buying CBD  for your children or selling young adults CBD?

How Old to Buy CBD?

Since CBD is considered a food supplement, there are no federal laws on buying or selling CBD.  There are state restrictions on Vaping products, though. And proper disclaimers are important, as well as not making any medical claims.

CBD itself is a perfectly safe and non-psychoactive compound that comes from the cannabis plant. There are two main types of cannabis: Marijuana and Hemp.

While both the marijuana and hemp plants (close cousins) contain CBD, only marijuana usually has enough THC to be considered psychoactive. THC matters because it is the compound that gets people “high.” It is, in other words, psychoactive.

The grey area of CBD comes in because certain CBD products are pure, while others contain trace amounts of CBD (not enough to get anyone high), and others contain larger amounts. If you are interested in your kids using CBD, you will likely want to start with pure, 100% CBD.

You can find pure, 100% CBD products in several forms, from oil tinctures to capsules, to gummies. As mentioned, so long as CBD is legal within your state, there is nothing illegal about a young person trying the product to treat things like anxiety, insomnia, etc.

The complication arises because those wondering how old to buy CBD are often looking for products that actually WORK. And some experts and advocates of CBD say that the product only works if it has at least some THC in it. Parents must weigh the pros and cons of giving their children a CBD / THC blend product because while it may be more effective than just pure THC, it can also have psychoactive effects.

Note that there are also some “best of both worlds” CBD products out there that contain mainly CBD and only trace amounts of THC – enough to give your child all the benefits of the compound without any of the “getting them high” aspects. These high-CBD and low-THC options may be the best way to go, especially when dealing with kids.

What Are the Advantages of CBD?

CBD has several advantages over over-the-counter medications. This is especially true if you are talking about use by kids or are wondering how old to buy CBD.

When it comes to adding any supplement or medication to a young person’s life, in addition to helping, parents want to make sure they aren’t making things worse by giving their children something with harmful side effects.

Side effects of chronic pain medications like ibuprofen and others are well documented and have rightfully scared many parents away. The problem for those dealing with kids who have chronic pain is that many natural, less harsh products out there don’t do the trick. So, they are faced with a bad choice…Thankfully, there is CBD.

CBD offers a true pain-killer alternative to over-the-counter medications that really work. Whether your child is dealing with muscle development or growth pains or pains from an injury or something more serious, if he or she is in chronic pain and needs sustained relief, you should talk to their physician about trying a CBD-based pain relief product.

Can CBD Help Kids With Anxiety?

Anxiety is one of those mental ailments that only truly came to be recognized over the past few decades. Where in the past, many children with debilitating anxiety may have been deemed “shy” and told to merely “suck it up” or, worse, “don’t be so shy!” Today parents and medical professional understand that there are more to anxiety disorders than meet the eye.

For example, there is nothing abnormal about your kid feeling some anxiety if they have to get up and talk in front of the class. Public speaking anxiety is natural and need not be medicated. But if you notice an extreme reaction to simple social situations, and this happens regularly, then you might be dealing with something more serious than just a minor case of shyness.

Even in true anxiety cases, though, many parents are reluctant to “drug” their children with pills that will impact their personality and possibly even play a role in their psychological development. This conservative stance is a good attitude to have when it comes to your children’s health. Still, it does not mean there is nothing you can do. If your child has anxiety issues and you are looking for a healthy alternative solution, talk to your medical professional about CBD – it may just be exactly what you need.

Can CBD Help With Sleep?

There are plenty of common reasons that kids have trouble sleeping. Maybe too much sugar or caffeine before bedtime, maybe something is exciting coming up in the morning, or maybe they have so much energy they can’t seem to keep their eyes closed. These situations are nothing to worry about, and certainly, parents shouldn’t jump immediately to the medicine cabinets if their child has an occasion hard time sleeping.

However, if your child regularly has trouble sleeping, then you may be on the right track. It’s critically important to your child’s physical and psychological health that they get enough sleep – so if they are consistently not doing so, looking into sleep aids is smart. You do not want to give your child anything that’s addictive or anything that can have long-term negative side effects on their sleep patterns. This is where CBD comes in. CBD is a fantastic natural sleep aid that can help your kids get to sleep faster and also reap the benefits of high-quality, natural sleep.


There are no age limits to CBD, and there is no reason supervised kids shouldn’t be allowed to CBD-based products for certain health issues. If you are interested in CBD, consult with your child’s medical care provider if you are interested in knowing more.

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