What You Need to Know About the Business of Coaching From Ash Straughn

Isn’t it amazing to learn about all of those people who make it huge in their chosen industries and take on a path filled with challenges to get nearer to their aspirations and goals in life? Well, all of these individuals are the ones who create a successful career for themselves and help others attain their desired success through their skills, talents, and coaching. We came across one such hard-working and committed financial expert, coach, and entrepreneur named Ash Straughn, also known as “Kash.” Ash has prospered businesses and helped many entrepreneurs better themselves at business and taste their definition of success.

Ash is a first-generation American and a thriving entrepreneur. She was born to immigrant parents and learned the true power of hard work and determination at a very young age. She wanted success early in life and, as a teenager, began with purchasing and reselling things through eBay, obtaining items from overseas, and selling for a markup in the US. Gaining great experience, Ash fell in love with running her own business and soon scaled to operating a small drop-shipping business. With this and years of future experience under her belt, she began to work within multiple companies and soon scaled many of them to millions of dollars in revenue. She operates within the startup tech world to keep a pulse on the ever-changing industry and has personally risen to great success as a business operations coach.

Today, she is also a two-time best-selling author with books in both social media and business. As an influential entrepreneur and coach today, Ash “Kash” Straughn runs her business coaching company, The Kash Code, Inc. She has moved ahead in the industry by focusing on both business coaching and leadership training. With her Mastermind Curriculum, she has been coaching small business entrepreneurs to launch businesses and obtain sales in less than 30 days. The 30-day course helps them learn about scaling their business while having weekly accountability sessions and accessing networking groups with other budding entrepreneurs.

Ash is also the founder of a wonderful organization that works to benefit children worldwide; it is called Travel Funds Kids, which is focused on the ability to help schools self-fund and control their budgets.

Over the last ten years, Ash has grown businesses that have made millions of dollars in revenue. She has created her own success story from scratch and now excels at helping others do the same. This is why she is one of the most influential business operations coaches, authors, and entrepreneurs in the industry. Ash has managed to also manage a career as a content creator on social media, where she operates her Instagram handle and YouTube channel with her company’s name, The Kash Code.

To know more about her brand, follow it on Instagram @thekashcode and visit the website, www.thekashcode.com.

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