What Your Diamond is Worth with Diamond Banc

When you want to sell your jewelry, you want to sell for the highest price, and without any questionable or uncomfortable factors to your transaction. Only Diamond Banc will provide diamond sellers the highest value and the most secure transaction. With their team of highly qualified experts, you can rest assured that you as a customer and your diamonds are valued at Diamond Banc.

Whether you need to make some room in your jewelry collection, or just liquidate inherited jewelry, there can be so many reasons to sell your diamonds. Diamond Banc is one of the most highly recommended diamond and jewelry buyers because of how accurate and secure they are. From their team of highly qualified experts to high values and fast and secure financial transactions, you could have your valuation complete and funds transferred to you in as little as 24 hours.

To understand what makes their offers so high and accurate, you have to know what makes the diamond have value. For diamonds to be found valuable in their market they rely on supply and demand. Rarity fuels the price and desirability. Since diamonds are always consistently demanded, a buyer will pay more for the rare diamond.

Rare diamonds have very good factors that make them valuable according to the 4Cs: carat weight, color, clarity, and cut. These factors affect all aspects of value with any diamond and are quite significant. Each Diamond Banc Director is an expert in analyzing diamonds so that they can take everything into account when offering the best deal. The 4Cs are analyzed with every diamond.

Carat weight significantly adds the most value to your diamond and is therefore the most important aspect out of the 4Cs. Carat weight takes the weight of the diamond into account rather than the surface area. Carats may be the same for many but the diamonds can have different sizes.

However, carats don’t indicate the quality of the diamond but because bigger diamonds are rarer than smaller diamonds, the bigger size exponentially increases the diamonds value. The precision of your diamond’s cut in relation to these industry benchmarks affects its value as well.

Liquid values of a diamond greatly relies on the current market demand, while weight is a big factor in value, shape has the most influence of a diamond’s value. As jewelry trends evolve, the market demand for particular shapes shifts with it.

Traditionally, the ideal diamond is white, however, very few diamonds are a pure white hue, without any warmth whatsoever. A diamond’s color refers to its natural warmth. This warmth can be seen in the color a diamond casts. Further, since high clarity diamonds tend to have a lower market demand than slightly less perfect diamonds, it means that clarity delivers diminishing returns.

Although the carat weight, cut grade, color, and clarity all have a profound effect on the value of a diamond on the secondary market there are other aspects to consider when you’re looking at an offer. Specifically that your appraisal value may not accurately reflect a diamond’s value.

Although jewelry buyers are often encouraged to covet the rarest and most flawless diamonds, those looking to sell a diamond may have a different perspective. Obtaining a quality and accurate appraisal might be difficult if you go to the wrong place. “Appraisal values are often inflated. From a comprehensive level, the retail appraisal value generally reflects the price it would cost your insurance company to replace your jewelry with a comparable new item. These figures are often higher than what a person actually paid.”

A good buyer will take every aspect of the diamond into consideration to make sure you receive the most when selling your diamond. Liquid values represent your piece’s current pre-owned condition when you’re looking to sell a diamond. These values reflect what a diamond expert is willing to pay immediately for your jewelry. These values are based on the demand for this item on the secondary market and the actual value of the materials used. 

Diamond Banc is a national expert diamond buyer with offices throughout the United States. “We take every value-adding factor into consideration to pay premium market prices for consumer’s diamonds. We offer immediate funding, fast and transparent communication, and provide a zero-pressure process. We even encourage our sellers to shop around for themselves. Our offers never expire, so we’ll honor any official offer we’ve provided after you’ve had the opportunity to look at other diamond buyers.”

With Diamond Banc there is zero risk. They have the right buyers, marketplace, valuations, and discretion when you need to liquidate an asset fast and securely. Go to the diamond buyers you can trust at Diamond Banc.

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