What’s In Store for Boxer Andre Huseman

Andre Huseman

You may know Andre “Hitman” Huseman from his boxing and sparring days within the community. Nowadays, he’s not throwing down in the boxing ring as much. Today, you can find him working on his business ventures, which includes helping others achieve their fitness dreams.

Scrappy from the start

 From his childhood years, Huseman’s go-getting spirit led him to interesting places. For instance, he snuck into high-level board meetings with the goal of soaking up as much knowledge as he could one day. All he wanted was to be as successful as the suit-wearing businessmen he saw on TV. 

Huseman’s first attempt at business came in his early twenties. His first business involved selling screen-printed t-shirts from the trunk of his car. Although it wasn’t the most unique idea, he certainly gave it his all. Unfortunately, this business failed after chasing brands like tap out and affliction. 

His next idea was a little more in line with his true passions: fitness and boxing. He came up with a clever idea: an app that provided fitness trainers on demand. To his dismay, it never got out of the MVP stage so simply went by the wayside. Here he learned a lot about building apps from both inception to reality. 

However, these “failures” didn’t get Huseman down. He finally landed on an idea that combined his love of boxing with a valuable service: BoxHaus. BoxHaus, founded in 2017, is a boxing and fitness boutique center with multiple locations. Here, Huseman shares his boxing expertise and helps others develop their boxing skills. The business was the perfect medley of his passion for competition with his love for helping others.

Three tips to follow for success

Huseman didn’t get where he was by sheer luck. Along with his tenacity and entrepreneurial spirit, he followed three main key points that laid the foundation for his success.

 Tip #1: Find a mentor in your space

We all have to start somewhere, but one of the best ways to learn is through the mentorship of someone who’s successful in your field. A successful mentor can help you leagues ahead of any google search or college course. Real mentorship does not require money. That’s because true mentorship comes without false promises and scams. When you find the right one, you’ll know.  “Real mentorship isn’t transactional, it’s a relationship layered over time”.  

 Tip #2: Just get started!

Don’t wait…. just start. It sounds simple, but this is when people tend to make excuses. Everyone is fearful of failing, but if you just put your nose to the grindstone, amazing things will come. Begin by putting your thoughts down on paper. Just do it. 

 Tip #3: Surround yourself with the right people

Who you hang out with is who you become. Surround yourself with people who are where you envision yourself to be in a few years. Your friends = your future. This doesn’t mean you need to cut off ties with childhood friends, but the majority of your time should be spent with successful people in your field. And when you do succeed, share it with the people who were there to support you.

 Andre’s thoughts on the future

 “I think the future is bright for entrepreneurship, I think the winning recipe will forever be hard work and dedication. Really for me, it’s about expanding my deep sense of relationships, diving further into business ventures that soothe my soul and feed my appetite.” 

 Whether he is diving into a new business venture, helping others achieve their fitness dreams at BoxHaus, or spending time with his family, you can be sure that this won’t be the last you hear of Andre “The Hitman” Huseman.

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