“When we succeed, we succeed because of our individual initiative, but also because we do things together” Kunal Devar .

Kunal took the courage and decided to think outside the box by just the age of 15 years.

In an age where an average student believes that academics is the only way to get a decent job and a great salary plus a well-settled life. Kunal took the courage and decided to think outside the box at just the age of 15 years. He initiated his own business of selling the Mobile back covers and was getting a profit margin of 25-30 Rs only. Not at all comprising his academics, Kunal managed to score a great result in the matriculation.

Destiny favors the one who consistently tries to achieve his dream and Kunal was one of them. We can all agree that every great dream begins with a dreamer. It’s only our dedication, towards the passion that transforms a dreamer into a successful champion. Kunal has proven to be all of the above, he has successfully established multiple sources of income just after graduating from Junior College.

Started Pursuing Bachelor of management studies from Kj Somaiya College of Arts and Commerce. He never stopped to enrich his skills and interests. With a learning experience of one and a half years, he Successfully created a Digital Marketing agency named, “ KDSocialHub.”

Services offering Social Media Marketing, website development, Public Relations, Media song Promotion, and other digital marketing services. Each entrepreneur starts his journey alone but their consistency helps them to build a network and now Kunal has more than 25 freelancers working under him. Talent and hard work pay off, Kunal achieved many certificates from various renowned firms but for him, the most admirable Achievement was the youngest emerging entrepreneur from Myshopprime.

Kunal also successfully developed fame in the apparel industry, gradually launched his own apparel brand named, “KD Threadsss”. He started to design his own T-Shirts and miraculously achieved the milestone of serving 10,000+ customers in just 2 years.

The new year brought some really exciting gifts for Kunal, he came up with the concept of a Decorative and Gift shop in collaboration with his two friends Suraj Khot and Prasad Thakur located at Dombivali West, Mumbai, Maharashtra. Kunal believed that an individual must not limit his expenses rather they should constantly work hard to increase their incomes. Our nation truly needs such visionary entrepreneurs who can serve to be as a leader and inspiration for many others.

Having inspiration and constant support helps an individual to believe in his vision. When looking back and getting to know that there is someone to hold you whenever you fall back. It feels comforting, in the case of Kunal his father Mr. Rajesh Devar turned out to be his constant source of inspiration and his constant support is his mentor Mr. Rahul Kulkarni who Supported him in his early stages of establishing his business.

That teenage boy of yesteryears is now an inspiration for many others. Kunal has become a success and he is now guiding others on how they can successfully launch their business. He prepares them to face the consequences, boosting their self believe, and assisting them at every step so that they can achieve the same and accomplish their goals.


Written by Garry Logan

Serial entrepreneur | Digital Marketing Expert | Marketing Consultant | Crypto Market Enthusiast|| Founder & CEO at Glitch Digital.

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