Where to Find Luxury Addiction Treatment

People can get addicted to gambling, drugs, sex, and many other habits. Some of them are harmful, but all of them will eventually lead you to disaster and despair. Hopefully, there is a luxury addiction treatment for every person according to their personal needs and beliefs.

The United States has been the first country in the world to show the way to drug abuse centers. The rest of the world used to treat these patients in general hospitals or even mental health facilities. However, that seemed to be fruitless since these facilities didn’t meet the international standards of treatment for drug and substance abuse that were often misdiagnosed as a mental health disorder.

Today we are going to find the most impressive private centers that offer dual diagnosis and therapy. Most of them offer luxurious accommodation to their inmates and make it easy for them to leave their daily lives and enroll in a program that will make them feel better and heal from their addiction.

1. Acqua Recovery

The Acqua Recovery has been the first and only dual therapy and diagnosis center in the western United States. It has been operated by monks used in living in small communities isolated from the rest of the world. To enter there, you need to abandon every technology instrument (smartphones and tablets included) and take only some clothes and shoes with you. The rest would be provided to you by the center personnel. Many doctors and therapists work here in collaboration with other specialties. They will define your addiction’s grade and then try to eliminate the causes that made you come here. You will find new friends and become a better person ever since you exit the center.

2. Tranquility Woods

It has been one of the most serene rehabilitation centers in America. People who enter there can afford to pay thousands of dollars to stay in luxurious rooms and access higher-quality therapies. The meditation experts can show you how to overpass your addictions and have your mind make a positive thinking loop every time you feel like going back to drugs. Many people prefer entering here to leave away from pollution and noise. Some of them want to get rid of their smoking addiction, and it has been proved that living there for a few weeks can make them put out their cigarettes forever.

3. Mc Lean Hospital

In Boston, Mc Lean Hospital gives you the highest care standards in the United States. It has been the first rehab center to apply university studies and protocols that are unique and innovative to the treatment of drug addicts. On the other hand, it was the first hospital institution to build an external facility for all the drug or substance abuse persons who wish to enter and stay there to get healed. Doctors and therapists form separate teams to collaborate and give an individual solution for all drug addicts who ask for a second chance in life.

4. Bluff Plantation

Bluff Plantation has been the most successful therapy and drug addiction center in the Southern United States. Located in Georgia, it focuses on middle-class people who can afford to break from their lives and deal with their addictions. No matter the nature of your addiction, Bluff Plantation has the way to make you feel better and prepare you for a fresh start. People who have stayed here state the high quality of professionals that deal with any kind of mental and physical issues of the inmates.


Since millions of addicts live in the United States, rehab centers’ development has been more explosive than anywhere else in the world. If you follow their programs, it is sure you will gain your life again for good!

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