Where to Volunteer in Your Local Area

If you’re looking to give back to your community but can’t afford a large donation, there’s nothing better than volunteering for a charity organization. There are likely loads of charities and other groups in your local area that are calling out for free help. You can fit the bill by giving them the time they need, and it should make you feel better in return.

You should try and stick to charities and organizations that you’ve got some experience in or at least a passing interest. That way, your volunteering will be more sustainable and you won’t require as much help getting started. Let’s have a look at a few different ideas for volunteering in your local area…

Drug Rehab

If you’ve got a particular background in drug rehabilitation, or simply want to help out in that area, this could be for you. Volunteers are needed especially if there’s a drug problem where you live. You could be helping out both the people who attend rehab and the local area as a whole.

You’ll meet a lot of interesting people volunteering here and will really help people who need it. It might be stressful at times, but it’ll be super-rewarding. If you’re thinking of going to rehab yourself, there are also lots of implications you need to look into. You’ll need to decide if you want to live on site, or if you can afford the type of care that’s on offer. Depending on the type of care on offer, the costs of rehab can vary a lot—but it can often be worth it.

Charity Stores

One simple place to offer your time that doesn’t require too much experience in a specific industry or vocation is a charity store. There should be plenty in your local area, and they’re normally crying out for an extra pair of hands.

Working in a charity store is reasonably straightforward. You might be required to sort through donations, price items, or perform similar retail tasks. It’s a good way to meet new people and give something back to society.

Litter Cleaning

If you’d rather donate your time to something that’s mostly outdoors and helps keep your environment clean, litter picking could be for you. You’ll be kept on your feet so it’s something you’ll need to be okay with.

Children’s Coaching

If you’ve got a specific sport that you’re into, there might be a club in your area that needs coaches for children. You might have to do a simple criminal record check, but that shouldn’t be a problem. Regardless of the sport you coach, this is an active and enjoyable way to donate your time that helps keep kids active and motivated while having fun. You could even coach a future sports star.

Community Policing and Support

If you want a volunteer role with a bit of extra responsibility, volunteer policing could be for you. Many areas are looking for people to help out with auxiliary police duties as many forces are overstretched. While you won’t have the same powers as a real police officer, you will still get to take part in many demanding roles. If this sounds like it could be for you, then get in touch with the police in your local area to find out more.

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