Who Is Casiino Smooth? From Music Industry to Music Artist

Have you ever gotten intentionally lucky? Well, that’s what happened to Casiino Smooth when he reached out to celebrity publicist CJ Carter on Twitter in 2014. The Illinois artist had moved to Atlanta in hopes to broaden his music industry knowledge and connections in the area to further his career in music. CJ Carter had introduced Casiino to many influential people in the Metro Atlanta area including Eric K. Thomas, Founder of The Quintessential Gentleman, and “A1” who is an expert in radio promotions.

Casiino worked for “A1” music promotion company at the time, learning how the music industry worked from a business perspective. Casiino then created his own music group, Paradym Music Group, and started working with some of the biggest music artists and social media influencers across the U.S. Casiino turned his passion for the music industry and started to make music again. He released a single titled “Whoo Icy” which is an upbeat tempo similar to the sound of popular rapper Lil Pump.

7 years ago Casiino Smooth had zero social media presence and had never been published anywhere. Take a second to think about that. He had almost no online following along with no music industry experience.

Today he boasts a huge social following on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and TikTok and has amassed millions of views across all social platforms. Casiino smooth also has many articles on top-tier publications like Yahoo, Source Magazine, This Is 50, and much more. He’s built his online network tremendously from scratch in seven years along with millions of content views. This is nothing short of exceptional and it just shows that you don’t need to be a household name to become big in your industry.

Casiino says, “if you have original content and a goal, you can start small, and work your way into becoming a celebrity in your industry. This will definitely set you apart from everyone else. Especially if you are currently in an industry that is full of repetitiveness and trend copiers.”

“What I learned about the music industry, is that you don’t have to be a celebrity or someone who is born with influence. You take your passion and build from it, turn it into content or music. I built my brand from scratch and this just shows that you can do the same.”

Casiino tells us that he wants to help and inspire others along their own musical journey.  He can assist in their music creation process, writing, music production, video treatments, music promotion, and more. He’s started his music career and hasn’t looked back since. The artist has spoken about his achievements in a couple of interviews in 2020 and will continue to be transparent with his come-up anytime he gets a chance to speak on it.

Casiino Smooth says, “I have gotten the chance to meet and collaborate with so many great musicians and influencers over the years. I am Atlanta-based, but travel often to network with other music artists in other states that are on the rise and overflowing with talent. Each artist has a different story, specialty, and perspective that I use to strengthen my insight on the music space as it is today.

Social media will never sleep and neither does the opportunity for you to connect with new people, partners, or potential clients. When you use your time wisely, move intentionally and invest in your personal brand and network through the tools available at your fingertips, the opportunities are limitless!”

Casiino plans to release a music project in the near future that includes some big names in the music industry. The artist is on track to create a compilation album that features a variety of music artists including himself. Releasing a compilation album will better position the project for a spot on the Billboard Top 100.

Billboard Top 100 Hip-hop has been achieved by established artists such as Jack Harlow, “What’s Poppin,” Drake feat. Lil Durk, “Laugh Now Cry Later,” Pop Smoke feat. Lil Tjay, “Mood Swings,” and many more! Casiino Smooth will strategically pick popular music artists to feature on his project in hopes to propel the projects streaming numbers, radio plays and iTunes sales. Be on the lookout for the artist’s project dropping late this year.

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