Who Is Fur God?

Luis Chavez is a successful entrepreneur from San Francisco. He quickly rose to success as a musician and the owner of clothing line, Fur God. His biggest influence in fashion when starting out was Alexander McQueen. Chavez quickly turned his passion into reality and started designing and working with quality furs and leather saying “Oh my God I can do this.” He focused on making his brand a reflection of his lifestyle.

After being in the fashion industry, Chavez saw how fashion and music go “hand in hand”. He attended the Institute of Production and Recording in Minnesota and started creating his own music, drawing inspiration from his father’s collection and old school records. 

He credits his success to his mother who he calls his “biggest inspiration”. She taught him that “It’s better to get inspired by the people who are closest to you that you know best, than the ones that you see from afar”, a lesson he carried on into adulthood. His mother raised him to be strong in both business and in life. Chavez still speaks with her everyday for advice and is releasing a song he wrote in her honor soon.

Luis Chavez is a highly driven person who is all about balance. When asked about how he defines himself, he said he has two sides to himself. “There’s Fur God, an outgoing, over the top, flamboyant, care free person. And there’s Luis Chavez, who is very corporate, structured, organized and calm.” He alternates between these two personas in his everyday life. As an entrepreneur, Luis Chavez has learned the importance of being true to yourself. When asked what advice he would give to those starting out in the industry, he said “Be yourself, be creative. Don’t worry about anyone around you, take the negative with the positive and believe in your product.” It’s this mindset that has brought him to the success he is today. However, the work is far from over. As he says “ “I haven’t reached my peak yet.”

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