Who is Joilson Melo? Why is He Gaining So Much Attention in the Electronic Music Industry?

Joilson Melo is one of the most promising Brazilian indie artists. Since he dropped his debut musical album “Genesis Mystery”, he’s started getting into the limelight and become an electronic music sensation of 2022.

Currently, Joilson Melo’s electronic music tracks are trending and creating an impact on the music industry.  

“Standing out in the art world is very difficult, making music and standing out is very challenging, but when we do it with love and good music, the audience recognizes it.” JoilsonMelo said in an interview.

The Journey of Joilson Melo

Joilson Melo is a young talented music lover born on 20thSeptember 1988 in Cuiaba, Brazil.

Since childhood, he has been passionate about music, which later motivated him to create music and a home studio. He manages everything on his own, from writing songs to creating the soundtracks and producing music at his home studio.

He is inspired by David Guetta, a great musician. He has carved his way out and tried to create his impression in the music industry by working day and night on music while studying law in Brazil.

Joilson Melo explained: Willpower, everyone excels in some area, but it is necessary to improve. I see that every day I learn more, and I stand out in the area of ​​music.

Joilson Melo Current Updates

Right now, Joilson Melo is focusing on creating unique hip-hop electronic music for his fans. He believes that music is beyond entertainment and contributes to a bigger role in people’s life.

The reason behind pursuing electronic music is to provide people with something they cannot just enjoy but influence positively in their daily lives as electronic music works as a therapy for people.

Joilson Melo believes his music sounds completely different from other genres of music because it is a fusion of all kinds of music, including electronic, techno, and hip-hop. When he composes his tracks, he tries to include elements from all these types of music into his work so that the end product can be more innovative and exciting for listeners.

Besides music, he’s also very active on social media. He loves to share his regular life with fans on Instagram. You can see what’s going on in his daily life and get music updates on his Instagram.

Launch of the new album “Genesis Mystery.”

Joilson Melo has recently dropped a new album that includes 13 different mind-blowing tracks. He started producing them in 2021 and was finally released in 2022. People are absolutely loving his songs from Genesis Mystery, and the number of viewers has been increasingly growing rapidly.

Here’s a list of 13 Tracks from the Genesis Mystery Track on Spotify.

1. Mystery, Pop Adventure Sentimental

2. Genesis Traps

3. Mysteries for Traps

4. Traps for infinity

5. Genesis Aggressiveness

6. Start of Dance Party

7. Mysteries, War Game

8. Mysteries, Hard Tech

9. Mysteries, Cinematographic

10. Mystery, Power, and Drive Rock

11. Mystery, Summer

12. Mystery, Inspiring Story Rock

13. Mystery, Grinder

If you’re a music lover and want to listen to the masterpiece of electronic music, then you should listen to them. His songs are available on all major music platforms that include  Spotify, Tidal, Amazon, YouTube Music, Deezer, and Apple Music. 

The Future:

Joilson Melo’s future plan is to continue contributing to the electronic music industry. He has been getting enormous support and popularity from his homeland, Brazil. His single, “Uplifting Dramatic Choir,” received more than 1 million views in just ten days which is a great achievement, yet he’s looking forward to breaking more milestones in the future.

If you want to watch and enjoy his content, here are the links to his YouTube channel, Spotify and Instagram.

Spotify https://open.spotify.com/artist/30WDqmf2llj010mAZMLTJw

YouTube https://youtube.com/JoilsonMelo

Instagram https://instagram.com/joilsonmelo

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