Why Bookshelf Speakers Are the Best: Find Your Perfect Match

Bookshelf speakers are a great way to get the best sound without taking up too much space. Whether you’re looking for high quality or on a budget, there are plenty of options to choose from. After reading this post, you will know how to find the perfect set of bookshelf speakers for your needs and preferences!

The Best Bookshelf Speakers to Suit Any Budget – [In 2021]

Bookshelf speakers pack a walloping audio punch without taking up a considerable chunk of your room. They work particularly for almost any space and will perform equally well with music or home theatre equipment. You have plenty of options to choose from when it comes to features, price, style, and the sound signature is just one way you can narrow down the choices to find the perfect match for you!

The top brand available in Australia is Wharfedale, Spendor and Amphion.

Here are a few of the best bookshelf speakers to suit any budget: $500, $1000 and over.

$ 500 – The Wharfedale Diamond 220 is among their most popular options for this price range. It has an impressive sound quality with added features like natural wood veneer cabinet finishes and 100% wool felt amplifier insulation. It’s also available in black or cherry finish.

$ 1000 – In our opinion, the Spendor Avanti B110s offer better performance than other bookshelf speaker brands in this range; they have been designed with the perfect bass response with some great built-in technology, including phase correction. Too so you can be sure your music will always sound clear!

Bookshelf speakers are the epitome of good things coming in small packages. They pack a walloping audio punch without taking up a considerable chunk of your room and can work for both music and home theatre use. You have many features to choose from, depending on individual preferences.

Amphion is a company that prides itself on using cutting-edge technology and precision engineering to create the best sound possible.

The Amphion Argon speakers have been designed with clever tweaks, including a steep crossover design that helps produce an even response across all frequencies (something not found in many bookshelf speakers). The cabinets are built from MDF wood and feature high-quality XLR connections for audio sources. And they’re available at a price point under $500!

Bookshelf Speakers Vs Powered Monitors

Bookshelf speakers and powered monitors are two of the main types of speakers on offer. They’re designed to be used in different scenarios, so you must know what they can do before making a decision.

Bookshelf Speakers: If you want something compact with big sound (and who doesn’t?), then bookshelf speakers are perfect for you. You’ll notice how their height is just lower than your shoulders, and they fit snugly into any shelf or corner without taking up too much space – not unlike where we get our name from! These speakers are best for people that need an audio source big enough to fill a home theatre or living room, but they work well in any space.

Powered Monitors: These speakers are built for smaller spaces, not only because they’re often no more than a foot high and can be wall-mounted or placed on your desk. But also because their primary function is to provide sound for musicians during performances on stage in front of an audience. They’ve got excellent fidelity as well as the power necessary to fill large venues (and some models even have fold-down handles so you can easily carry them from gig to gig).

If You Want Something Compact with Big Sound: Bookshelf speakers are perfect if they describe how you live life – they’re one of the best things to come in a small package.

What is a Bookshelf Speaker?

The bookshelf Speaker is a small speaker that is designed to be placed on top of the bookshelf. The term “bookshelf” is used because the speakers are usually located at eye level, with an adult standing next to the shelf, which would mean it’s about waist height for most people.

The first thing you should understand when buying one or selecting one as a gift for someone else is whether they have a receiver/amplifier and what size room they will be in. A smaller room needs less power than a larger space where there may not be too many other noise sources, such as traffic from outside your windows or even appliances running in the kitchen.


Here are the specifications of the bookshelf speakers.

BOOKSHELF SPEAKERS DESIGN: these kinds of speaker systems are designed to be placed on top or at the back of a shelf, with its two front-facing drivers detached from it and positioned either in line with one another or slightly offset, so they face the listener directly.

BOOKSHELF SPEAKER SIZE AND WEIGHT: bookshelves usually measure around thirteen inches tall by nine inches wide and weigh about ten pounds apiece, which is an advantage over floor-standing models that can easily reach six feet high. They also take up much less room than any other type of audio equipment you might have in your home theatre setup.

BOOKSHELVES PRICE POINT: the price point for these speakers is on the lower end. This makes them a solid choice for someone who doesn’t want to spend too much money but still wants great sound and portability.

BOOKSHELF SPEAKERS SOUND SIGNATURE: this type of speaker gives off a more punchy, direct kind of sound than floorstanders or bookshelf’s with rear drivers would produce, which can be good if you have an open space in your home like I do where there isn’t any obstacle that might cause echoes or reflections from wall surfaces as you walk through it.

BOOKSHELF SPEAKER SETUPS AND OPTIONS: they are usually placed atop cabinets, shelving units, desktops, or any other flat surface.

BOOKSHELF SPEAKERS FOR ANY SPACE: these speakers are great for an apartment, a dorm room, and tiny houses where you don’t want to take up too much space with your audio equipment but still need high-quality sound.

How Much Should I Spend on Bookshelf Speakers?

If you are looking for price-sensitive speakers that will still provide a satisfying listening experience, you should expect to spend around $250-$350. For the most top-of-the-line speaker in terms of price and performance, plan on spending upwards of $1000 for two or more bookshelf speakers.

If you are looking for budget options:

The first thing to know about your budget is how much power do I need? If it’s just enough to sound to fill up a small room with some bass bumps here and there, then an AV receiver paired with either one or two tiny bookshelf speakers might be all that you need – they start at under $100/pair! If you want something small and don’t have a lot of space, these are options.

Top 3 brand of Bookshelf speakers in Australia


The Wharfedale bookshelf speakers are made with high-quality materials. These bookshelf speakers are designed to be used in a home theatre system and work very well as part of a stereo setup because they deliver powerful sound that is detailed, clear, richly balanced and articulate.


A Klipsch speaker can take on the form factor you need it to: from an ultra-slim shelf model for tight spaces or apartments; to floor standing height for large rooms; even outdoor use if necessary—you name it! The sound quality remains consistent down through the lineup too. You’ll get virtually the same level of performance no matter which model you choose. This means whether you go with one of their most affordable models like the xt or a more advanced model, they work especially for almost any space.


The spendor bookshelf speaker is a British company founded in 1957. They are specialized in producing high-quality speakers for music enthusiasts and home theatre fans alike with their clean, crisp sound signature.

Their flagship speaker is the small but mighty Spendor S-100e which retails at USD 2500 per pair (or $1500 each). The benefits of this model include:

Speakon terminals – instead of having to wire your bookshelf speakers through one long cable (which can be difficult when they’re installed on different walls), these have Speakons that provide a quick solution without any mess or fuss! Plus, you get a cleaner look if you prefer not to see all those wires running across the floor from each speaker like it’s some twisted.


Amphion bookshelf speaker systems bring the tradition of fine classical music reproduction to your home. The company’s first speaker, launched in 2003, was an instant success with its sound quality and design reminiscent of the classic gramophone horn units found in many museums worldwide.

The Amphion One is a compact bookshelf loudspeaker that delivers a dynamic balance between bass-heavy rock tunes and crystal clear vocals; it has been called “the most musical on the market.” This full-range driver includes two aluminium dome tweeters for clarity at high volumes, plus one eight-inch woofer (four inches deep) capable of reproducing tight low-end frequencies without distortion or boominess – perfect for contemporary pop songs or instrumental pieces where you need all those intricate nuances revealed.


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