Why Building in the Bear Market is Advantageous

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While some are panic selling assets in this current bear market, true builders are not worried. Most of the projects that will go belly up in this lower part of the cycle were not built to survive in the first place. Too many copycats, too many overleveraged risk takers. 

What the news outlets are not showing are all those blockchain projects building not for today but for years to come, those who move forward not just their investor and holder short-term price pump interest, but the growth of the entire blockchain ecosystem by improving one or more of its components (and bringing new aspects into the crypto world that weren’t even a part of it yet).

This is what Tron has been patiently doing for years, through several cycles. Despite all the FUD, ridicule, and token price fluctuations, Tron’s engineers kept building. Why? Because they are in it to make a real difference: scalability, security, and decentralization while maintaining low fees and high throughput. And not just the Tron blockchain itself, either. Hundreds of projects are successfully building on the Tron network to create dApps for a more decentralized world.

For example, Kraftly is a dynamic NFT marketplace. While Unifi is a protocol connecting various DeFi marketplaces (interoperability is a major trend to keep an eye on). Luminous is an entire crypto gaming ecosystem. Just imagine when mainstream gamers join blockchain gaming en masse — the opportunity there is much bigger than anything we see today from blockchain gaming. Tronado is a decentralized staking platform with a lot of promise and already attention is drawn to it by those who understand the power of staking yields.

And yes, Kattana is building right there with Tron. Not only is a top-notch, DeFi-native trading terminal important to bring traders to a network, Kattana has the integrations and expertise to help developers on the Tron network build better. All sorts of financial instruments, actions, and triggers become available with Kattana’s integration and collaboration. 

Kattana’s team knows all about the market cycles. Where there is an ebb there will be the flow soon enough. Kattana’s singular goal is to focus on building so that when demand explodes, Kattana’s offering will be more than ready to meet it. In this, Kattana and Tron are very much alike.

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