Why College-Student-Turned-Entrepreneur Alexa Caron Thinks You Should Lean into Change

Long before Alexa Caron was making waves in the business world with her Transform agency, she was just a wet-behind-the-ears marketing student at a state college in Colorado. Up to that point in her life, she had just assumed that college was the direction that she needed to take. Her friends, parents, and society at large reinforced the idea that a degree was necessary for success. However, after one year of studying for her marketing degree, Alexa Caron had an epiphany.

How Change Drove Alexa Caron to Success

After that first year at college, Alexa realized that a degree wasn’t going to give her the life that she wanted. While she could accumulate some knowledge at school, she knew that she could learn more somewhere else. It had always been her dream to run her own business and, above all else, to help other people reach their dreams as well. However, taking courses from people who had never even owned a business was getting her nowhere. So, she hit the ground running, searching for a path that would take her to where she wanted to go.

She started looking for other options, including internships and more specialized courses. However, she still hadn’t found a way of creating a life she could love. She still wasn’t waking up every morning, hungry to get her day started. Alexa Caron knew she wanted more — she just had to figure out how to get it.

That’s when she realized what she needed. Rather than sitting around listening to other people lecture her about how to run a business, Alexa Caron decided to start her own. This marked the first stage of her entrepreneurial journey. It required her to put all her efforts into a complete change, even though it felt frightening and risky at the time. In less than the time it would have taken to earn her degree, Alexa Caron grew an enormously successful marketing agency.

Alexa Caron’s Transformed Her Life With Entrepreneurship

The world always told Alexa that she needed a degree if she had any hope of being a successful business owner, especially in such a competitive niche like marketing. But as soon as she secured her first client and began helping others develop 6 and 7-figure businesses, she knew she had found the dream she had always wanted. Deep down, Alexa knew she didn’t need (or want) a degree. She knew she had resources at her fingertips to build a life that meant something to her, not just a life that the world was telling her to build.

Although it has not always been easy, and her goals continue getting bigger every day, Alexa Caron believes that being her own boss has been the most fulfilling job she could ever have. This is the point she wants to get across to young women trying to decide between pursuing school or pursuing a career. While you can always do both, a business takes time to build. In many cases, college takes away the time and resources you would need to grow a successful business. And, at the end of the day, Alexa would rather work 14 hours a day building her dream than working at a 9-5 job building someone else’s.

After starting her agency in 2020, she has seen how important social media can be for businesses. The truth is that most businesses don’t know how to get clients through social media. That’s why Alexa started her agency — to bring clarity and a simple perspective on the subject. Her goal is to help people live out their dreams and set an example for younger generations, showing that college is an option, but it’s not the only option.


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