Why Derrick Kinney Wants People to Understand That Money Is Not Bad

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If you haven’t heard of Derrick Kinney yet, you probably will soon. As a successful financial advisor and entrepreneur with 25 years of business experience, Kinney has the knowledge to provide solid advice to his clients and regular consumers alike.

Moreover, Derrick Kinney has dedicated his recent efforts to a single mission: getting rid of the bad stigma surrounding money. Read on to learn more about this bold entrepreneur and his growing movement to help people pursue personal and financial wealth!

Derrick Kinney’s Success Story

Derrick Kinney started his career as a financial advisor. By providing caring service and actionable advice, he grew a strong company that was built to last. At the time, he was frequently called on by local media outlets to help make complex financial topics easy to understand. That led to further business growth and cemented his local firm as one of the most highly respected in the country.

After building a successful financial planning and investment firm for more than two decades, Derrick Kinney recently decided to sell his company and pursue his passion for teaching people how to build their net worth — and use it for good.

Today, Kinney is the CEO of Good Money Framework, LLC and the host of the new Good Money Good Hands Good Work Podcast. On his podcast, Kinney has insightful conversations with the world’s top professionals, authors, influencers, and business leaders as they discuss meaningful financial advice concerning the power of generosity and why money is not a bad thing. 

Over the years, Kinney has been interviewed by CNBC, FOX News, FOX Business, PBS, the Wall Street Journal, Money Magazine, and Yahoo Finance, just to name a few.

He has been named a “Best in State” Financial Advisor by Forbes Magazine and holds the following professional designations: Certified Financial Educator (CFE), Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor (CRPC), Chartered Financial Counselor (ChFC), Chartered Advisor for Senior Living (CASL), Certified Long-Term Care (CLTC). Now, with Good Money Framework and his podcast, Derrick Kinney is helping bring his message of simple, no-nonsense financial advice to an even larger audience.

What Is Good Money Framework All About?

Good Money Framework is all about helping people understand that money is not bad and that, to create a better world, good people should have more of it. Good money in the hands of good people gets good work done. Kinney believes that it’s not right for people to lack the means to make an impact on the world the way they want. So, he is teaching people how to make more money, save more money, and give more away by attaching purpose and meaning to what they are doing.

With his latest endeavors, Derrick Kinney hopes to pick up where Dave Ramsey leaves off. His passion is to reignite the money conversation. Money is good and people deserve to have more of it.

But making money for the sake of having money doesn’t necessarily lead to more meaning and satisfaction. Through the 7-Part Good Money Framework, Kinney’s business helps people identify their Giving Purpose and helps them understand how to leverage that purpose to make more, save more, and give more.

Derrick Kinney’s Advice & Plans For The Future

Derrick Kinney’s businesses are deeply enriched in his faith in the good that humanity can produce. He believes that people who tie a meaningful cause or passion to their money will often experience greater personal wealth. Why? Because there is an honest purpose behind what they are doing. By getting laser-focused on the impact they want to have, people can make more, save more, and give more to the causes they care about.

In the years to come, Derrick Kinney hopes to launch a movement that shows people how money is good and that people of all income levels and ages can help make a difference in the world. They can do this by simply making more, saving more, and giving more. Eventually, Kinney believes that this concept could improve society to the point that purpose-driven wealth becomes the new normal.

Are you interested in getting financial or life advice from Derrick Kinney? If so, you can check out his podcast or check out Good Money Framework today!

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