Why Destiny 2 Is The Next Big Game? ​​

As technology has kept advancing, the love for video games has always been at a peak. The onset of social networking sites, Ascension smartphones and tablets introduced new categories such as mobile and social games to the forefront. Video gaming has come a long way ever since the first games were developed in the 1970s.

Photorealistic graphics and reality simulation have improved gaming like anything. Children, and even adults enjoy playing video games and since almost three decades, it has become one of the favorite pastimes. The fame and use of online games has increased rapidly, in the past year, especially due to the pandemic.

This article throws light on why destiny 2 is the most trending game as found in 2021.

Destiny 2

Destiny 2 is one of the most trending online games. It is a video game which is based on shooting. It is a free game. This game was developed by Bungie as a pay-to-play game, specially for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows devices.

After that, it was released as a free game followed by options of destiny 2 boosting by many third party providers. This is a multiplayer game in which the gamers act as the protectors of the last safe city of the world and are known as the Guardians.

These Guardians have a special power with which they are required to protect humanity from aliens. It is a top-rated friendly game, which promotes social skills of the gamers.

It  is another popular free to play video game, which is based on war. It was developed by Activision, and since its launch, it has caught the attention of almost a billion players around the globe. It is different from all other different battle royal games available, as it allows battles between. 150 players. It can be played in solo duo, trio, or even a quad. It is one of the most famous and enthralling video games, which can be played on PC, Xbox One or PS4.


Who doesn’t love a free game play which involves war, looting and shooting. An introduction of 6 player raids is even better. The 6 player raid game is set to make a lot of noise with upcoming updates and seasons. Destiny 2 also garners a wide base of active players so you can say there’s a lot of love. Arrival of Destiny 2 on Steam only paved way smooth matchmaking times – earns brownie points if I must say. A 50,000 active players record is a good show for a game which was thought to be dead.

With years to come, it is expected that new versions of Destiny2 will keep developing. Bungie has announced enormous promises to improve the game in the upcoming years. They already released a statement regarding a roadmap through 2022.

Such popular video games never die, and always remain as a sweet memory in the hearts of its gamers! Moreover, if you haven’t tried Destiny 2 yet… I advise you to dive right in without having second thoughts. After All it’s gaming and who doesn’t love a good gaming session.  

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