Why Digital Entrepreneur Sudha Yadav Is an Inspiration to Young Girls

Sudha Yadav is a 20-year-old digital entrepreneur hailing from a small village of Rewari District in Haryana. Sudha has achieved success at a very young age. At the age when teens are busy playing and chatting on social media, Sudha due to hard work and passion towards dreams has made her own identity in the digital marketing world.

With the increase in usage of the Internet all over the world, Sudha became successful in the digital marketing field. In her free time, during school days, she used to watch the success stories of the tech giants who became zero to hero all due to the help of digital platforms with limited resources.

As Sudha was using social media platform for business growth, she faced too much hate from the male-dominated community as she was being trolled by many marketing experts for her out-of-the-box marketing ideas and concepts. Now, all the haters are praising her for being a successful young female entrepreneur.

Once in an interview, she thanked people for insulting and making her strong with their abusive words. She said, “I know I am good for nothing, sometimes my marketing techniques were too awkward, but all due to the support my friends, I started analyzing my content and using their suggestions to improve my strategy in digital marketing.”

Sudha is also known as the Trending Girl of the digital marketing community. She used to manage everything from her home. She is also a part of the Popular Web Hosting Platform Hostlelo, founded by Zubair Shaikh. Sudha is currently pursuing her graduation final year at a Govt Girls College.

Before starting their career in digital marketing, she was too introverted and also has a stage fear, which was automatically vanished while interacting with new people on social media platforms.

Her dream startup named ‘Digital Guruji’ got too much attention and growth in a small time frame, which proves her creative skills and positive mindset.

While ignoring taunts and many other difficulties even too being a girl, she achieved a lot at a very small age. She is a true inspiration for many young girls who want to pursue their career in digital marketing.

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