Why do Google Forms Emerge as one of the top Survey Creator Platform for Teachers, Businesses and Researchers?

And with their use of it, why do Google Forms emerge as the top survey creator platform for teachers, businesses, and researchers?

What are Google Forms?

A Google Form is a web-based survey management software that allows a Google user to create surveys and forms easily. This software is given by Google for free for Gmail users including Google Docs, Google Slides, Spreadsheets, and more.

As it provides easy to edit form templates for business, education, and healthcare staff, Google Forms has become one of the top survey creator platforms today.

Why do Google Forms emerge as one of the top Survey Creator Platforms for Teachers, Businesses, and Researchers?

  1. It is free to use

Google gain success from most of its free app usages for its users. And with Google Forms as one of Google’s free software, its popularity to many users skyrockets which enables the software to secure a spot as one of the top surveys for teachers, businesses, and researchers.

  1. Easy to use

As one of Google’s goals is to provide an easy-to-use tool for its users, Google Forms gain popularity success due to its simple and direct survey form creation interface.

  1. Compatible with any devices

Since compatibility stresses an important factor in making software popular amongst their category usage, Google Forms strive to continue its dominance for the people.

QR codes and Google Forms

During the start of the COVID-19 outbreak, many establishments resort to the use of electronic survey forms to gather pertinent information for contact tracing and customer check-in records. And to do their online survey forms, many small and medium business owners are integrating the use of Google Forms.

But as doing online survey forms means requiring the use of a browser to type in the survey link, which consists of lengthy coded links, many customers get tired of typing the survey link in their browsers.

Because of that, many establishments gather fewer amounts of responses with their surveys. Thus, increasing the risk of getting infected with the COVID-19 virus.

To mitigate the typing issue customers encounter when filling up the forms, smart small and medium business owners are integrating the use of QR codes to store the Google Form link.

Thanks to its scan and view prompt, small and medium businesses or institutions can turn their tedious lengthy link typing step into a scan to fill up means, where their customer or guests can easily fill up the survey form from the Google Form QR code they place in outside their store windows.

How to make a Google Form QR code?

In creating a QR code, you will need to have the two following materials: QR code generator with logo and the Google Form link. To make one, here are the following steps in creating a Google Form QR code.

  1. Open and sign up for a QR code generator with logo online.
  2. Select the URL category of the QR code maker and place your Google Form Link
  3. Generate as a dynamic Google Form QR code
  4. Personalize the design of your QR code
  5. Run a series of QR code scan test
  6. Download your code and place it in your check-in windows


With COVID-19 as one of the driving factors in abruptly shifting many processes from offline to online, increase demand for online paperwork like digital documents, spreadsheets, and more, the use of online data processing services like Google Forms has become a staple application for people working online.

Because of that, many individuals from various fields as education, health care, business, and more are recommending the use of top electronic data processing applications to create quality online documents for their customers and guests. Hence, making Google Forms one of the emerging top surveys from creators for many industries today.

Since contact tracing plays an important role in mitigating the number of possible COVID-19 positive cases, filling up an online survey or check-in form with Google Forms transitioned towards a scan and fill up the matter with the use of a QR code generator online.


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