Why Entrepreneurs Need to Adopt a Giving Mindset to Succeed in a Digital World

The biggest myth entrepreneurs are told in order to achieve real wealth is to make a six-figure income (or well above it).

While this might make you rich, it doesn’t necessarily make you wealthy or leave you feeling like you’ve made any real impact. Lasting success isn’t about what you can possess with $10 Million, it’s about taking home $1 Million and giving back to help the world with the remaining nine.

This is the exact mindset that 22-year-old Digital Marketing Expert (Founder of DoctorsPatientFinders.com) and Serial Entrepreneur Jaiden Gross adopted that catapulted him to reach over 7 figures and be amongst a network most entrepreneurs dream to have in just 2 years!

“Life is more than yourself, and you can be bigger than who you are by giving to others.” – Jaiden Gross

Gross believes that businesses truly thrive when they prioritize their willingness to help, serve, and commit to offering value to others. His favorite analogy on the subject is:

“Don’t be Superman – build a Justice League. See how other people can be successful at the same time.” – Jaiden Gross

Unfortunately, we live in a digital world that portrays success like it’s achieved overnight. While an abundance of aesthetic feeds please the eye, it can often stunt the focus of entrepreneurs to adopt a money-centric mindset towards business. Gross believes it’s just as important to share the not-so-glamorous reality of how to get there, as it is to inspire people with what’s possible.

Here are Gross’ 5 key mindset shifts, centered around giving, that will help your business thrive from the inside out:

1. Treat Others the Way They Should Be Treated

Gross’ approach to building long-lasting relationships stems from Sheryl Sandberg’s platinum rule:

The golden rule of friendship is to treat others the way you want to be treated. The platinum rule… is to treat others the way they want to be treated.” – Jaiden Gross

The truth is that we’re all different. We don’t all have the same core ethics, morals, and values. Catering to these individual needs, no matter how difficult, show people humility. And that’s an attractive trait to have as an entrepreneur.

“Humility is the golden lining between financial success and a successful entrepreneur. Not only does he/she make money, but they try to figure out how to make more money for others.”  – Jaiden Gross

2. Fill Your Cup First

Gross finds so many entrepreneurs falling into the trap of giving unto others unconditionally when their own cups are empty. They end up burning out and become cold to the people they give to – blaming the world for taking all that they have.

But if there’s one requirement that Gross believes all entrepreneurs need before abundantly serving others, it’s learning to cater to your initial needs first.

“Just like when you get on an airplane, you need to put the oxygen mask on first before you can put somebody else’s on.”  – Jaiden Gross

3. Communicate Your Value at All Times

“Money is just a container of value. All you have to do is become valuable.”  – Jaiden Gross

Once, Gross found himself and his brother in a heated dispute between the cost of his coaching course and the value it offered to a customer.

Rather than responding aggressively with arguments about why their course was worth the price, Gross recognized that this customer was actually just experiencing a time of financial difficulty. Gross then offered a means to a payment plan and directed them to resources that they could use for free.

With a giving mindset, Gross saved his and his company’s reputation from the potential for massive negative backlash.

4. Share Your Journey

Gross stresses that entrepreneurs need to share the reality of their journey just as much as they show the success they’ve achieved.

“You don’t really learn much from success. You just recognize ‘I got here’.” – Jaiden Gross

Truly serving an audience means to share failures alongside everything else that’s being gained. This gives people hope and a relatable perspective.

5. Own Your Problems With Patience

When faced with the struggle of long hours and an unstable cash flow, entrepreneurs can often become impatient with their journey, making it easy for entrepreneurs to shift their focus to a ‘taking’ mindset.

However, Gross shares that entrepreneurs need to be patient with the present moment. And during the process, stay focussed on ’why’ they’re doing what they’re doing, and remember that the world will catch up to their effort to serve in due time.

Gross summarises this approach by quoting his serial entrepreneur friend, Mark Lack:

“People are like bank accounts. Before you can withdraw from them, you need to deposit into them unconditionally.” – Mark Lack

Whether you’re new to the entrepreneurship game or have been working in the scene for years, adopting a giving mindset is key to ensuring your business thrives.

How can you be more giving with your business today?

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