Why Family Is an Important Part of Superstar Kj’s Career

Family has always played an important role in every person’s life. They have served as major influences or a support system to the members who need it the most. That’s why many individuals are looking to give back to their families to show their gratitude for the things that they’ve done.

Kejuan Stradford, also known as Superstar KJ, knows the importance of his family as they were the support system who kept him going in his career as a singer-songwriter.

Hailing from Fort Lawn, South Carolina, Superstar KJ realized his calling to become a music artist during the basic training for those who want to become part of the Army National Guard. After that, he shifted his career into one that pursued music.

Finding Refuge In Family

As a musician, Superstar KJ is not exempted from feeling stressed and burned out from being part of a demanding and oversaturated industry that required consistency and compassion to rise above the rest. Luckily, he has a way to find refuge from all these expectations: through his family.

“I overcome obstacles by talking to my family and letting them motivate me to not give up. If I have no one to talk to, I try to think about the future and hope for something better,” he said.

Superstar KJ knows how to foster close ties since he also connects with his close friends that he grew up with by spending time with them during motorcycle rides.

Motorcycles are another interest of Superstar KJ since he spent a good time around them when he enrolled in Motorcycle Mechanics Institute (MMI) after high school.

Giving Back To His Family And Others

As he works hard towards becoming a successful music artist, Superstar KJ is also determined to create a brand that will not only bring him countless achievements, but also one that benefits the people he cares for and that of others.

Some of the goals that he aims to achieve include having the number one song on the billboard and changing the lives of his family, and others, for the better. That’s why he continues to strive hard.

“My mentality to do better and be great is what helps my brand become successful,” he said.

Having humility is also what encourages him to work hard for himself and others.

“In the upcoming years, I want to be one of the biggest artists in the world while taking care of the ones around me,” he said.

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