Why Finding the Right Coach Can 10X Your Life

Most people are restricted by one major thing…Fear. Imagine being your own worst enemy. How scary does that sound? Knowing that you’re capable of being the best version of yourself, but not knowing how to become that person.

Don’t worry, let me explain. You have to be a little vulnerable if you want to truly unlock your potential. Coaches exist for a reason, they want to help you. They’ve been through it, they understand your goals, they understand the things that you simply don’t. And that’s totally okay.

Ever notice how Bill Belichick is recognized for the New England Patriots success? Now, this doesn’t mean he is the sole factor for the success of the Patriots dynasty, but he is certainly just as relevant as their players, including former All-Star quarterback, Tom Brady.

Here’s the thing, coaches aren’t the only factor you need for success. You are a factor too. The formula is quite simple. Knowledgeable coach + coachable student (or athlete) = A successful and sustainable experience.

Over the last few years, my team and I have spent thousands of dollars and hours learning and understanding the importance of systems and processes, marketing, and sales.

Being an entrepreneur is the most rewarding, yet scary journey one can possibly take. You have the opportunity to earn more money than you could possibly imagine, but on the other hand, you possess the risk and responsibility of falling flat on your face.

This is why my team and I work so closely together and with our students. The goal is simple, educate and excel. The question is, are you willing to put in the time and effort to turn your “goals” into your reality. I like to ask myself and my students this question, and quite frankly, this is what I would consider a “reality check.” If I don’t reach my goal, what would that look like?

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