Why Finxflo is Setting the New DeFi Standard With a Fully Fair Launch

DeFi is a largely nascent space and that brings a barrier to entry for traders and users looking for easy products with the assurance of safety. Finxflo, a global cryptocurrency exchange aggregator, is looking to shift the paradigm by becoming the first fully compliant exchange aggregator that appeals to both institutions and retail investors. On February 08, the company conducted a Fully Fair Launch, providing their community of over 20,000 people a chance to get in on the ground floor. 

While the compliance is certainly going to interest many prospective users who would otherwise steer clear of DeFi related projects, Finxflo (FXF) provides additional value. Another very important facet is making sure everyone is on a level playing field: investors, regardless of size or experience, will have access to professional tools that are usually only available to large players. Finxflo is also aiming to make sure there will be no front running, as their liquidity sponge will be accessed by absolutely everyone. In other words, as the team puts it, they are “bringing institutional liquidity and institutional-grade technology to both the little guy and big guy.”

Recent price spikes for certain cryptocurrencies have unveiled some big disadvantages of using only one cryptocurrency exchange: if the exchange cannot handle the increased number of requests, it can crash, which then leads to traders missing out on excellent opportunities. Finxflo solves this problem by offering access to multiple exchanges, as well as a Smart Order Rerouting feature for large orders, which makes sure they’re matched up with the best prices. Plus, there is no need to go through the slow and laborious process of transferring funds from one place to another, while paying hefty return-killing fees in the process. Finxflo has a single wallet tied to each account, plus no withdrawal fees, so the trading returns you earn are yours to keep.

Finxflo is planning a release in two phases: the first one is the onboarding phase, in which they’re looking to get 10,000 users. A second phase will include the project’s DeFi aspect, yield app, as well as farming and staking. The ultimate goal is to be a full CeFi/DeFi, or CeDeFi, hybrid liquidity solution. The plan is to first aggregate the top 50 pairs, and then gradually develop a comprehensive orderbook that accesses the liquidity of all top-tier exchanges.

Demo Offering Shows User Functionality and Demand

Users who want to familiarize themselves with the interface can use Finxflo’s demo trading account. This account will always be available, not just at the launch of the platform, meaning anyone who needs it will be able to use it. Once users are ready to trade real money, they will be charged 0.1% of every trade. There are no withdrawal fees, not even for same day withdrawals. 

There is also no minimum deposit amount, which is especially important for retail investors as these limitations tend to put off those who are still new and only able to invest a comparatively small amount. There is, however, a 24-hour volume limit of $200,000 per user as a safeguard against nefarious activity. 

Finxflo ushers in a new era for DeFi: proving that the space can be compliant without losing out on its inherent security and transparency. The platform is also bringing back the core ethos of blockchain by ensuring a democratic future through a Fully Fair Launch. The line between fairness and excessive permissioning is a fine one, but Finxflo walks it with the confidence of a team and product that is for the user. 

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