Why Intellifluence Is The Best Way To Reach Influencers


In the past, brands would prefer to get TV and movie stars for their marketing campaign. Advertising agencies and companies would look to get someone in the said industry on who will be the best person to promote a brand, products, or services. They would prefer someone who has a personality aligned with the brand or those who have a huge fan base within their target market.

One of the concerns in getting celebrities to endorse a brand is the fact that people do not know much about them. In today’s advanced technology, even if celebrities are on social media, they need to maintain a certain image. They also have busy schedules that may not allow them to regularly update their followers.

Speaking of social media, businesses would now turn to influencers for their marketing campaign needs. Almost everyone who owns a smartphone probably has one active social media account. It became a platform where normal people can be social media stars after a few uploads.

Looking for an influencer to fulfill marketing needs? Here’s why Intellifluence is the best and easiest way to reach them.

  1. Let influencers reach you.

Not all influencers are easy to reach. Some of their contact details that are widely available online may direct you to a manager, then transferred to a handler, then again to another person before talking to the influencer himself.

Intellifluence invites influencers to offer their services to a brand, product, or service. Since their social media accounts serve as their portfolios, users can check their profiles before hiring them. Here’s an idea of how Intellifluence works for influencers as a marketplace application. ( https://intellifluence.com/influencers ).

  1. Save money.

As mentioned, celebrities and other social media stars could be under talent management. It is a huge factor when it comes to pricing, as these management firms, managers, and handlers take a percentage of their earnings.

This results in a higher talent or professional fee, where it may already exceed the budget for a given marketing campaign. Intellilifluence has affordable plans that will surely fit on any type of budget. Plans start at US$99 monthly ( https://intellifluence.com/pricing ) and see a boost not just on sales, including on brand awareness as well.

  1. Does not require a contract.

Celebrities would usually prefer long-term contracts as it gives them more work opportunities and better exposure for a longer period of time. However, influencers have their presence on social media that is available for viewing 24/7 – making them the better choice for marketing needs.

Plans from Intellifluence can be canceled anytime and has an easy online account cancellation process. They even offer a 20% discount for a limited time, if the annual plan is paid upfront. 

Intellifluence is a one-of-a-kind website where it offers the best value for money when looking for an influencer to promote a brand, product, or service. It even includes some digital marketing tools that the user may find helpful in checking the campaign’s status.

Their blog is a great source of marketing ideas too. Intellifluence truly changes the way brands and companies looking for someone to promote the brand.

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