Why is Mr Deepak Sharma Calling as Saviour (Muktidata) of India?

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National – that the person who has changed the cardinal principle of Economics, Democracy and Judiciary System at a younger age. No Economist and Jurist Worldwide still criticism against his change.

He is considering for upcoming next Economic, Democratic, and Judicial revolution Worldwide to get rid of humanity from Poverty, Hunger, Crony Capitalism, Crime, and Corruption. He is still known as the father of HR Economics and the Father of Contemporary Jurisprudence.

Mr Deepak Sharma has been awarded MBA, MCA, LLB. CFA and CS executive at 26 years. Being a much intellectual person compared to any corporate CEO, IAS, IPS, Cabinet Minister worldwide, he sacrificed his career to eliminate humanity from Poverty, hunger-ness, Crime, Corruption, and Inequality of income distribution.

He States the three statements upon the current economic, democratic and Judiciary system. As a result, the entire Cardinal principle of Economics and jurisprudence become invalid. Hence, he is the only person who Idle challenged the whole of economic, democratic and Judiciary principles, which humanity has been following for 4000 years.

He states that-

  1. Not Capitalism nor socialism never be a significant source of monetary funds for any economic system. He states that human resource is the worthiest asset worldwide, always be a substantial source for any entire macroeconomics. If we could use the human resource as Monetary Fund, in that case, humanity shall we get rid of poverty, inequality, inequality of income distribution and hunger.
  2. Parliament and legislative assembly never be a public representative session for any democratic state/ Nation. He said that the personal interest of any Member of Parliament never is subordinate to the personal interest of the public.
  3. Judges (Bench) never be considered an independent body of any judicial system, Judges (Bench) shall be regarded as only the Judiciary tool of any state. The above statement provides that he has been idle challenged the basic Cardinal principle of economic, democratic and Judiciary, through which humanity is surviving on Earth for thousands of years.


In this regard, he propounded that.

  1. HR Economic Model (a next-generation economic system) against Capitalism, Through which humanity shall be capable of evaluating the own intellectual capability and after that human resource can be converted into Monetary Fund, meanwhile various economists are in favour that aforesaid academic ability of Economics, is sufficient for humanity to get rid of poverty, hunger and crony capitalism. (More details about HR Economic Model is available in the public domain)
  2. School of contemporary jurisprudence is considered the fifth stage of jurisprudence, in series of natural, historical, sociological and realism. Modern Jurisprudence advocates for three layers democratic system against the present two layers democratic system; conversely, contemporary jurisprudence provides the centralized Judiciary system as JIT against Bar- Bench (decentralized) judicial system.

Various jurists expect that three layers Democratic System shall enhance the degree of democracy more than ten times at least, and JIT shall be 25 times faster and 20 times more transparent against the Bar- Bench Judiciary system’s primary necessity of humanity. (More details of contemporary jurisprudence is also available in the public domain).

Therefore, India recently launched the world’s next-generation economic system (HR Economic Model) and 5th stage jurisprudence. This incident is considering a Supernatural adventure for humanity historically. Therefore Mr Deepak Sharma is calling a saviour of India, whereby the Republic of India is expecting 15 trillion dollar GDP (2026) and next democratic and Judiciary Revolution in nearby years also, some of the intellectuals declared as HR Economic Model and school of Contemporary Jurisprudence is sufficient to India to lead world within next five year.

While on the other side, some of social media users connecting aforesaid, Supernatural incident from the prediction of Nostradamus (1531) and father of PIO and Bhavishya Puran Prediction for 2021, as India shall be lead the whole world after 2026,

While some intellectuals have a different opinion about,

Suppose India has been discovered the next generation economic system and jurisprudence. The reason for the HR Economic Model and Contemporary Jurisprudence is not still present before the Parliament of India or Government of India? Also, questioning why is Mr Deepak Sharma is not still present himself before media conferences or any public discussion platform. Now let’s see, but it seems to be proved that contribution of Mr Deepak Sharma for India as well as mankind is now like a saviour.

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