Why John Gafford Is At The Forefront of a Changing Real-Estate Landscape

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John Gafford is one of two founders of The Simply Group, a company with a mission to vertically integrate large real estate brokerages through joint venture partnerships in mortgage, insurance, and title. By offering all these services in a streamlined approach, Simply creates an enhanced customer experience and removes many of the traditional pain points associated with purchasing a home.

Thanks to the efforts of John Gafford and his team, The Simply Group now operates partnerships in more than 7 states with brokerage partners encompassing more than 100,000 real estate transactions annually.

How John Gafford Became a Real Estate Tycoon

More than a decade and a half ago, John Gafford went to a casting call on a whim. Out of roughly 1.8 million applicants, Gafford was chosen to be a contestant on Donald Trump’s hit show, The Apprentice. At the time, Gafford was the COO of a tech firm, but the real estate market was booming, and his experience on the show helped Gafford make some important connections that would forever change his destiny.

Realizing that there were a lot of gaps in the real estate market, John Gafford got started selling Florida condo conversion projects. However, as fate would have it, Gafford met the love of his life while visiting Las Vegas. Within a month, he had moved to Nevada, acquired his real estate license, and started raising a family with his new wife.  

One of the other contestants on The Apprentice was closely associated with a large Re/Max business in Las Vegas, so John Gafford used that connection to set up shop and go to work. He was able to recruit and hire 24 agents within a week of establishing The Gafford Group.

Though the real estate market would crash just a few weeks later, Gafford worked tirelessly to keep the ship afloat. Despite the adverse market conditions, the company excelled through short sales and even foreclosures. Today, The Gafford Group is still a well-oiled machine that brings in more than $500,000 in revenue every year.

While John Gafford was already highly successful in the Nevada real estate market, he wanted more. This is when he got involved with Simply Vegas, the brainchild of Gavin Ernstone. Though he initially declined an offer to start the company, John Gafford eventually joined Gavin in building a business together.

Within 2 years, Simply Vegas was the number 3 real estate company in Nevada by volume, a position that it has maintained ever since. By the time the company was 4 years old, it was already bringing in 7-figure profits. Simply Vegas has more than 500 real estate agents and closes over 4,000 transactions annually. Additionally, the Simply Vegas family has grown to include Clear Title, a title insurance and closing company, Streamline Home loans, and Savvy, an insurance aggregator.

What John Gafford Brings to the Table

It’s easy to see that John Gafford is a successful real estate agent and business mogul. For this reason, he is a highly sought-after contributor, speaker, and consultant in the real estate and sales markets. He also brings all of the following qualities and results to the table:

  • Scales and builds businesses rapidly
  • Develops enhanced sales strategies
  • Builds multiple 7-figure income streams in the real estate space 
  • Predicts market shifts before they happen
  • Utilizes edgy marketing to get people’s attention
  • Understands how to help his partners improve their core business

If you’d like to learn more about working with John Gafford, you can find him on Instagram Facebook, Youtube, or The Simply Group Website!


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