Why Kale Abrahamson is the #1 voice for Crypto, NFT’s, and actual “Real Talk”

Crypto, and particularly NFT’s (non-fungible tokens like “Bored Apes”) have become wildly popular over the last few years, with everyone seemingly investing or at least talking about doing so.  Unfortunately, this has led to many self proclaimed “influencers” popping up, claiming to have all the answers when it comes to these new forms of investing.  So how does one determine who to listen to in this increasingly noisy space?

According to Kale Abrahamson, a former Division 1 Basketball player turned Entrepreneur and the founder of 2+2 Genesis, it is extremely difficult to figure out who to trust in this space.  He explains that many influencers are simply in it for themselves, promoting shady links on the backend and staying constantly “bullish” even if the market is in an obvious downtrend, because this generates more engagement.  

While Kale would be the first to tell you he is not always right (for instance, he, like many other prominent figures in Crypto, expected a wild parabolic run to occur at the end of 2021 which did not in fact play out) he maintains that “the truth always wins out.”

He encourages viewers to look for influencers who truly don’t need the money, who have run successful businesses in the past.  These Entrepreneurs will be less likely to promote things that are against their audience’s best interests, as they are less motivated by the money side of being an “influencer”.

Kale has gained a massive following on YouTube (The Kale Show) as well as Twitter (Kale_Abe) and Instagram (TheRealKaleAbe) by doing something he calls “Real Talk”.  His stated goal is quite literally to be as blunt as possible, to be free from biases and simply “tell it how it is”.  Kale realized early on in his career that there is too much “salesmanship” going on in every industry.  Kale refuses to edit his videos or tweets, and simply puts it “all on the table.”  He attributes his success to this ability to be real with people, above all else.  

Kale’s past experience running massive retail operations and an Amazon Software/Consulting company (accumulating north of $50,000,000 in revenue) as well as playing Division 1 Basketball for 3 different universities (Northwestern, Drake, and Duquesne) have prepared Kale to “handle anything.”  He says that he isn’t worried about calling everything correctly or being “perfect.”  He is only concerned with consistently and loudly proclaiming what he believes to be the truth in the present moment, and constantly optimizing his beliefs as new information comes in.

He warns against religiously following anyone, including him, expecting them to be perfect and call every crypto price movement correctly, as that is mathematically impossible.

When it comes to politics and world events, Kale has recently decided to weigh in on issues that seem important to him and his future children. He says that he has been “quiet for too long” on certain important issues and feels “responsible” for calling out what he sees as “blatant bs and lies” from those in power.  

He once again attributes his ability to pivot and “tell the uncomfortable truth” due to his lack of financial motivation.  Indeed, on his YouTube banner, it boldly states that he “doesn’t need this” and may quit at “any time.”

However, Kale doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon.  The 2+2 Genesis NFT project is now Kale’s number one focus.  Since mint a few months ago, the project has already rewarded founders with 7+ different “airdrops” + a token called “Pencil” that each NFT holder can automatically accumulate simply by holding the NFT.

 Kale routinely spends his days chatting with his private 2+2 discord, where he posts all of his crypto trades live for everyone who holds an NFT to see.  According to Kale, the 2+2 discord is an “absolute treasure trove” of information that has provided committed holders “a ridiculous amount of value”.  

Kale has grown his online “brand” to a massive size, but says that that has never been the goal.  “I don’t care about my ‘brand’ or my ‘name’.  I care about having influence for the truth, being able to say something and have people rally around an idea bigger than myself.  I truly believe the only way to get there is to keep speaking up, even when it is uncomfortable or inconvenient” – Kale said.

Going forward, Kale plans to continue trading Crypto and anticipates a “generational opportunity” coming in that realm before the next “Bitcoin Halving” due 2024.  For 2+2 Genesis, he and his co-founder have “ridiculous” plans that span “years not months.”  And for social media, Kale intends to grow, but only if he is able to “stay true to myself, and speak the 100% truth no matter what.”

You can follow Kale’s journey on Twitter, Youtube, or Instagram

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