Why Love and Loss are Driving Successful Women in Publishing

The publishing business she is formulating is revolutionizing the industry entirely through women. With her help, scores of female entrepreneurs are creating their own publishing houses, and networking with authors to create books that are shooting up bestseller lists. Savvy women in business are riding the wave of heartfelt titles penned by women and supporting sustainable, profitable business models that are created using a program that Adriana has created based on her formidable experiences. 

“I train women to create their own economy,” explains Adriana, “and how to build generational wealth with a model that allows them to expand on their success by networking with others.”

The multi-author book model she began through her company AMA Publishing has seen a score of bestsellers launched. The business coach built her business while she had two young children in nappies, defying her critics who suggested she should focus on her family rather than a new business.

“I was literally a woman with her hair on fire, I was not going to be stopped. I stole every spare moment to focus on creating a future for myself. My husband, Derek, supported me, and together we created a business that is very much a female revolution. I support women authors to build bestselling book titles and now I share my experience with women who see the potential in publishing inspirational book titles themselves,” explains Adriana from her home in Colorado.

Travel and Loss

As an avid traveler, Adriana volunteered as a young woman, and from an early age she wanted to have a positive impact on the world and was especially drawn to the stories of the women she met. Featured in all the top business magazines around the world, an international speaker and a successful coach with a string of success stories to her name, she continues to feature on bestseller lists.

While living and working in Albania, Adriana fell pregnant with her third child. It was a girl. A regular check-up proved to be a tragic turning point for the mother and wife, “I was told that my daughter had no chance of survival. Once I recovered from the shock I felt strangely calm. I carried the baby, Nina, to full term and gave birth at home with my husband. Rather than give in to despair, I went through a transformation, I felt Nina with me always and I still do,” she tells us. 

Her latest book project is a personal one in which she writes about the experience and tells how Nina has become her guide, her voice of reason, the wisdom she seeks when life throws up challenges or questions.

“As women, we are faced with unique circumstances throughout our lives. I don’t want women to feel small, to wait for permission to succeed, I don’t want them to be intimidated but I tell them to stop thinking small. The starving artist model is one that society has imposed on us for too long.”

Two years ago she launched her publishing house followed by successful courses teaching women how to start their own publishing houses and start earning 6 and 7-figure incomes. Some of her graduates have made their targets in the first year of business.

She shares lessons hard-earned. “I ate failure for breakfast, I was so crushed by the weight of my responsibilities,’ she laughs,” I could have just stopped, and so many times I wanted to and this is why I want to share my success with other women because the opportunities are big if you can overcome the bias, the hierarchy, challenge existing models and hold on to your vision of what you can be.”

She’s been called a lot of things including the Rich Witch, a Divine Creator, a mentor to many who are ignoring the glass ceiling and forging ahead regardless.

New Rules For New Times

“We aren’t playing by those old rules anymore, we don’t have to. I’ve cracked the code, I can show women how to make those bestseller lists. That is priceless, being able to boast a bestseller, or a host of them, on your bio is a huge boost to your credibility, it opens doors,” she says. 

How does she do it? A string of titles published under her AMA Publishing house and a growing number of multi-author titles published by her graduates are taking on the likes of Tony Robbins and Rich Dad Poor Dad author Robert Kiyosaki. Her clients’ titles include Baby Got VBAC which hit number 1 in 13 categories across two countries and broke the top 500 books overall on Amazon in a matter of months. 

The author and publisher, Colleen Raegan Noon started working with Adriana and within three months she had created the concept for her first multi-author book and launched it on Amazon. It sold out quickly.

“This book had been a dream of mine for 3 years. Being able to share the experiences of women, like me, who had given birth by cesarean, has given me so much joy and excitement. I enjoyed the entire experience and I have gained so much confidence,” she says. “I’ve seen my book become a success, I’ve earned money from day one, it’s been incredible and I have Adriana to thank,” says Raegan.

The multi-author model makes becoming a profitable publisher a reality. By the power of networking, start-up publishers propose a book project and new authors sponsor their own submissions, so it becomes a profitable prospect for the publisher from the start. By following Adriana’s formula for reaching the bestseller lists the books are guaranteed to reach a target audience that is craving stories that echo their own experiences or inspire them to change their lives.

“This is what we need to do to move out of the outdated model that has held women back for generations,” says Adriana. “We’re not waiting for permission, we are forging our own futures and helping the women who follow us to find their voice, to succeed in a model that is completely our own. Failure is not an option anymore,” says Adriana.

A Supportive Community

She admits it takes courage but her network is a supportive community that is there to smooth out the bumps, to lift those who need it, when they need it.

“This is the difference between women and men in business. When women succeed we create a path for future generations, we are a force that impacts our families, our communities, it’s inclusive, it’s life-changing,” she explains.

At home, she has come to terms with staying close to her roots. Taking over her grandparents’ rural property, she has tamed her wanderlust as her husband and her sons have embraced their new lives. The internet means she can reach an audience of women across the world, her courses attract women who have the experience to recognize a business opportunity that is sustainable and offers excellent returns.

She has just launched a free masterclass that offers a 30-minute introduction to her course and she says women with the vision and experience to embrace this opportunity will recognize the potential. “For those women who are ready to take their lives to the next level and support other women on their journey, this course will resonate with them. When you are ready to say yes, your heart just knows,” she says.

For Adriana, it has taken her 12 years to reach this point. The lessons she has learned are all part of the course. She teaches women how to create a profitable business model, how to avoid the mistakes she made along the way, and how to create a team that supports your vision as the CEO of your own success.

“It’s such a thrill for me to see my students launch their businesses, publish best-selling books, build a community of authors who resonate with female readers,” she says. “I didn’t plan for my life to unfold this way but there was a voice, my voice, and then the voice of my daughter, that told me to trust myself, trust my instincts, and I believed,” she adds.

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