Why Mali Mud Cloth Is In Trend In 2021?

If you go back in history, textiles have a better role to play today. They are also an expression of culture. In this regard, the African Mud Cloth fabric is trending these days. It is a hand-painted mud cloth from Mali and one of the most unusual textile embellishments that you will find in the market.

Mali is an African country located in southwest Algeria. Bògòlanfini Mud Cloth is a handcrafted Malian fabric. It has a base material of cotton and is dyed with mud slurry. Let’s get to know more about it. 

Finding the Meaning Of Bògòlanfini

The Bambara language, used in Mali, comprises three words. Bogo means mud, Lan means with, and Fini means cloth. It comes out as ‘mud cloth’. There is something called the Indigo mud cloth. You will find that it is dyed with Indigo leaves.

The men of the family make this unique creation. African history has many fascinating stories to tell you, and this is one of them. Every design that you see on the Mali Mud Cloth has a unique design. There are standard patterns. However, you might get a bit confused with the design. 

Mali Mud Cloth – A Local Tradition

The men make the mud cloth. They attach a few strips of beige fabric to make a complete piece. After the pieces are stitched, you can see them dyeing the entire whole. Mostly, leaves from branches are used. It binds the dye onto the fabric. They lay out the fabric on the ground in the open sun. And what follows is an intricate painting with mud. The muds are collected from ponds and streams. 

After the mud dries, it is scraped off. Slowly, the color changes from a darker brown to black and then grey. The excess mud is removed through washing. Then the areas which are devoid of any paint are bleached. Men leave the fabrics out in the sun to dry and it is exciting to watch them do it. 

A wide range of applications

Modern fashion has valued the Mali Mud Cloth recently. Designers are leaving no stone behind to convey various meanings through its classic black & white code. You will find them being used in fashionable clothes, furniture, and upholstery. It is so beautiful that you will not be able to take your eyes off them. 

As they are lightweight, you can use them for home decor including drapery, pillows, table linens, etc. A madi mud cloth to come with different types of fabric options such as-

  • Cotton Poplin- A 100% natural plain weave cotton mali mud cloth could be your ideal bet for quilting, skirt, dresses, pyjamas, toy and craft accessories. 
  • Velvet- A polyester velvet variant with a short ile and subtle shimmer can be best utilized for home decor, commercial-grade upholstery and luxurious accessories. 
  • Denim- Denim Mali mud with a rugged twill construction best shines as your clothes, backpacks and low-traffic upholstery. 
  • Modern Jersey- With 96% polyester and 4% spandex, these variants go perfect for baby clothes, scarves, headbands, and other dress types including t-shirt, maxi and tops.  

End Thoughts

Go with the trend and find yourself ethically sourced mali mud materials to raise your fashion standard to another level. However, make sure to buy from good dealers to stay assured of the original quality and its benefits in the long term. 

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