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Why Moms Have Such a Great Impact on Their Children’s Success

If you’re a mom and survived the pandemic by overworking at home and at your job, you’re not alone and you’re awesome. From the amount of maternal support that goes into home management, raising and educating children, all while some balance careers and other responsibilities, they have made it out the other side. Through it all, we have mothers to thank for holding families together.

From a study done by, they have found that moms in the home, regardless of stay-at-home status, have an estimated salary value equivalent to $185K. This number showcases the extra work that moms are putting into it on top of their careers. Since the pandemic, the salary value of moms went up from $178K; there has also been a greater need for involvement with online schooling, finances, and other household management activities.

“In a year like no other, moms went to extraordinary lengths to keep things together on the home front, working, on average, 15.1 hours per day, seven days a week,” said Mary Crogan, Vice President of Marketing at “That’s an incredible workload, and one that encompasses everything from C-level responsibilities, to help desk manager, to teacher. It’s fitting that their salary value continues to rise, nearing the upper echelons of Corporate America.”

Moms were not only catering to their regular home front management, but now they are contributing to education, organization, and other means of making sure their kids are getting their schooling done. “We saw that mothers spent considerable time managing financial concerns and organizing the schooling of their family during the height of the pandemic,” said Lenna Turner, Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion for

The biggest involvement besides school and home front assignments are the finances. Since the pandemic, there is a greater need for parents, especially moms, to be more involved with finances, entrepreneurship, and their expenses. While moms have a tendency to be CFO of their home’s finances, being on the more entrepreneurial side of things can actually help your children succeed later on in life.

According to the Black Business Guide, parents are the best way to foster the entrepreneurial spirit just by leading by example. Of course there are some reinforcements like assigning chores for allowance, talking about business ideas, and exploring business niches that your kids are interested in.

Parents are always going to be the first example kids look to when it comes to achieving their dreams, planning for the future, and their expectations of themselves and others. This is a bittersweet position as kids learn to become independent; they will lean into the examples of their parents.

Having that boost of financially responsible examples really help with their future success and develop a healthy concept of money. Moms are a great help with the examples that they set for their kids since their involvement has gone up to over fifteen hours a day, seven days a week. 

You are making an impact in your kids’ lives and giving them the best chance at being fiscally responsible by helping them get involved in their own small business ideas, making sure that they understand how to problem solve, work in a team, and understand the importance of community involvement.

These are great ways to ready them for their futures. Being involved will help them be more prepared and encourages them to reach higher as they get older.

We have moms to thank for all of the work they put into the home and it is not something that can be taken lightly. With the work they put into their homes and families, let’s not forget that they also need time to recharge and put in some time to themselves. We see you, moms and you’re doing great!

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