Why Pay Per Lead Converts Better than SEO or Paid Traffic

Discover why Pay Per Lead Continually Converts Better than Free General Audience Traffic

Directing traffic to your website is a serious task that might have you worried about. Sure, you are anxious about doing on Google Search so that the ranking of your website improves stage by stage. But how would you do it? If you are a digital marketing professional, you have several options in front of you. Remember, that you need to work meticulously to improve the results of organic searches.

However, you may check the results returned after conducting a Google search. You are sure to view two different sections on the page. Look at the top and you will find several paid ads. However, the remaining results reflect the organic results that are free of cost but include the pages that have been meticulously created by interspacing keywords that matter.

Is SEO relevant though? Should you work for hours trying to elevate your web resource following Google’s rules? Well, this is a million-dollar question no doubt but the pay per lead or click certainly makes a difference with the digital marketer being satisfied to pay the required fee based on the actual result.

Why on earth should a business owner pay for PPC though? Well, the numbers are stacked in favor of organic searches but you can always be assured of the efficacy of the leads when you pay for them. And with PPC now in demand more than ever before, there are plenty of resources out there pushing for media buyers to start focusing on pay per call in 2021, now more than ever!

Here are a few things that you would be pleased to obtain when you invest in PPC to get an increased number of leads that are easily converted.


Well, the first position attracts the eye no matter what it is about. You will be pleased to find your link placed among the first three when a search is conducted with the aid of a conventional desktop.

The results are no different on a smartphone either. You will find the first two resources along with the meta description being displayed prominently above the fold. The viewer cannot be forced to click on the link though. However, the target would not be averse to do so if the description seems to be appropriate to the search conducted.


The paid adverts depict the message that you want to convey, however. You can certainly unleash your creativity while making use of limited space when you are not averse about paying for it. Ensure to include call-outs and site links while displaying the price of your products/services if you so want. You are free to display a short bulleted list to help the viewer make an informed decision as well. In short, you certainly have a lot of control over the Ad as well as the freedom to reveal the right message to your prospects.

Visual Ads

You can certainly expect a headway when you choose to pay for the leads especially when you are intent on selling different products. The top search engine a.k.a. Google provides you with the opportunity of displaying product listing ads that include images of the products as well. The prospective buyer thus gets to see the product photograph and click on it if interested. This is an option that is not available for organic search results. It is PPC that wins this round, therefore.

To learn more about this process, we recommend you start reading through any of these top pay per call blogs on the internet, while also following each of them on social media so you can stay in the loop on the latest trends and industry changes,

Brand Awareness

Running paid ads for each lead can generate quality leads with the viewers being interested in the product. Including such website visitors to the marketer’s list even if no business is done immediately is not such a bad thing either. Many individuals may back off from making an urgent buy. However, such prospects are sure to come around after engaging with them a few times and are willing to become customers eventually.

And when it comes to brand awareness, PPC isn’t your only option — affiliate marketing is a great option as well. And not only will sites and businesses of all types benefit from the leads and revenue associated with this type of marketing, they may also see a huge boost in brand awareness as well.


Perfect targeting the Ad to check its efficacy is one of the gains of PPC.  The Ads pop up right in front of the audience who search no matter how it is done. You can thus expect leads to be generated when the target searches by employing certain keywords.

You would be able to obtain the results of searches by keywords, time, days of the week, month, geographical location, as well as the type of device, used to search. You also have the option of checking the profiles of the audience thereby forming an idea of the demographic that is interested in your business. Searches conducted via SEO provide lesser information in comparison.


Creating a relevant advert that works on basis of excellent SEO can be slow to progress. A paid lead can work wonders here with the advertisement gaining ground within days. Opting for the Pay Per Lead adverts certainly works better when your target audience is already looking for similar products/services. Besides, you can always improve the efficacy of the ads by testing with a new message or images. PPC is an excellent avenue to launch a new product online as well.


Sure, PPC requires payment for generating leads but you are likely to find the expense affordable when you have a perfectly set up account that is manageable. The expenses are sure to come down considerably once you have optimized your accounts and obtain a steady stream of leads that are converted at an even pace. 

So, what kind of marketing should you focus on?

Does the organic search work for you would you rather get quick results based on PPC? Well, the answer cannot be given instantly nor does a single method of digital marketing self-sufficient. You would be well-advised to go with SEO as organic searches provide far-reaching effects and stand the test of time.

Conversely, the best digital marketers of today recommend relying on PPC when you hope to make a good profit from a new e-commerce store. Beating competition cannot be done for free. Make sure to harness the power of the Pay Per Lead procedure and make a huge impact. You can always turn to SEO when your store gains recognition and an impressive list of customers.

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