Why Rohit Singh Chauhan Wants to Change People’s Minds About Stunting

Rohit is a 24-year-old stunter from Jaipur. He had done his schooling at Chitransh Public School of Jaipur. During his schooling, he realized his interest in stunting. Rohit is now a professional freestyle stunt rider. He has been practicing stunting for the past 12 years. Unfortunately, there was no support from his family regarding his passion stunting but he was very passionate, determined, and dedicated to stunting and took his passion very seriously. Rohit has done shows in across all over India and has also performed out of the country (India ) and earned a good name and feels very proud today of his achievements. Rohit has also won many competitions and has achieved many recognitions to date. He has shown his amazing talent in many ways as he has performed on many songs and also worked for different brands and people. After a lot of patience and hard work in the year 2018, Rohit also got the opportunity to perform in advertisements with great celebrity Amir khan. 

Rohit says, “In India, people do not take stunting very sportingly and I have done my best to promote stunt riding. I have made a team in which there were  different artists from different fields such as dancer, beatboxer, rapper and many more because my motive was to promote every artist’s talent.”

Stunting is a unique art, and people used to watch it for their amusement as there is no job for stunters. If they deal with brands for stunting, they do not get a good amount from them resulting in demotivation for the stuntmen. Stunt riders prepare their cycle with very good parts and also it costs a lot but while performing there art is to be taken just for entertainment. Stunting is a life-risking job but still isn’t much appreciated by people.

Adding more to it, Rohit says that it is the reason why he wanted that there should be a community and a systematic organization to provide the support which stuntmen do not get. People consider stunting as a form of entertainment and this thought saddens Rohit a lot. This is why he wanted to promote each and every talent of every artist who lacks support from their families and peers also he wants to promote stuntmen and stunting as more as possible so that people can know the hard work and life-risking tasks behind those scenes which look so effortless on big screens.

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