Why Swapnil Aggarwal Credits Teamwork for the Success of VSRK Wealth Creator

Swapnil Aggarwal

The aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic has seen the economy taking a backseat across the globe. In this situation, many people and startups, in general, sought help from financial companies. In India, the effect of coronavirus saw many businesses come to a halt. Amidst dire times like these, the companies relied on financial providers and institutions. One of the leading financial providers of India, VSRK Wealth Creator is a prominent name that has gained tremendous momentum since the past year.

Founded in November 2013, the services offered by the company include Mutual Funds, Life Insurance, General Insurance, Corporate Deposits, Portfolio Management Services (PMS), Alternative Investment Fund (AIF), Structure Products and Pre-IPO/Unlisted Stocks. Currently, VSRK Wealth Creator is run and managed by Mr. Swapnil Aggarwal. He has been overlooking and supervising the operational activities of the company that promotes the growth of its clients. Mr. Swapnil became in-charge of the company in 2019 after his father Shri R.K Aggarwal passed away.

While Swapnil holds expertise in mutual funds and the stock market, it was his father who guided about the other aspects of VSRK Wealth Creator. Before sitting on the director’s chair, Swapnil led some of the biggest projects under the guidance of his late father who was also the president of the company. Well, now Swapnil has single-handedly taken the responsibility of VSRK Wealth Creator that looks after the financial planning of its clients with profitable growth. Moreover, the team at the company includes highly-qualified professionals who are certified by AMFI and IRDA.

Crediting the hardworking team behind the success of VSRK Wealth Creator, Mr. Swapnil said, “It is the talent and skill of every individual that has helped the organization reach where it is today. United efforts and teamwork are what I consider the most for the company’s success. The group of people have made their best contributions and have made sure that the requirements of the clients are met. We have helped them by providing the best and safest financial services that have had a profitable gain in their portfolio”, he said. Growing strong beyond Delhi, VSRK Wealth Creator is gradually making its presence all over the country. To know more about it, visit www.vsrkwealthcreator.com.

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