Why the Unconventional Keto Diet Works (and How You Can Adhere to It)

At any given time, 45 million Americans are dieting and each year, they spend roughly $33 billion on their diet. Yet a majority of diets actually fail within just a month! Fact is, most people don’t want to give up their favorite foods and many of us struggle to rein in our portions. 

Portions and palette help explain why the keto diet has become so popular. While most diets have you cutting out high-fat foods, including meat, butter, and cheese, the keto diet and other low carb diets allow you to continue to eat your favorite fatty foods, so long as you keep the carbs low. 

Large amounts of carbs are found in bread, pasta, and some fruits and vegetables. However, there’s nary a carb in a steak and other meats. For many dieters, it’s easier to give up the bun rather than the burger. Still, many people on low-carb diets often succumb to their urges as well. For those who can stick with it, the keto diet offers many benefits.

The body can only store about 2,000 kcal in glycogen stores. When your body goes into ketosis, it switches from burning glycogen stores to burning fat. This can lead to more consistent energy levels and focus, which in turn could have a big impact on your career and personal relationships.

Martina Slajerova found herself struggling to stick to the keto diet when she decided to build an app to keep people on track. When Slajerova started her own keto journey, it wasn’t just about losing weight. Slajerova suffers from Hashimoto’s disease, an autoimmune disease that affects her thyroid. She was putting on weight and struggling to maintain healthy energy levels.

Ditching her traditional vegetable and low-calorie diet for Keto’s,  Slajerova quickly found her energy levels restored and her weight dropping. There was just one problem: even in spite of all of the health benefits, she struggled to stick with the diet. As Slajerova educated herself on the Keto diet, she quickly found that more foods were low-carb than she initially realized and that with careful planning she could enjoy a diverse, tasty diet. 

However, Slajerova also knows how difficult it is to keep count of carbs and to identify low-carb foods. This is especially true for beginners. That’s why she set out to create an app that would help people stay true to the keto diet. Besides counting carbs, the app makes it easy for people to identify low carb foods and find keto-friendly recipes. You can also track your weight and other metrics.

Besides keeping carbs in check, many people on the keto diet struggle to get enough electrolytes. As a result, they may suffer from cramps, muscle weakness, and other issues. In fact, Slajerova believes that electrolyte imbalances are the chief reason people give up on the keto diet as it can make people feel sluggish. This condition is so common, there’s even a term for it: “keto flu,” but it’s usually temporary and will clear up in just a few weeks. 

However, by carefully tracking and ensuring that you’re getting enough electrolytes, you should be able to maintain higher energy levels. In fact, after your body switches into ketosis, burning fat for energy, you will enjoy increased energy levels and focus which will have a positive effect on your professional and personal lives.

Protein is also something to watch out for. If you don’t get enough protein it could lead to muscle loss and other issues.On the other hand, eating sufficient protein will help curb your appetite. In fact, many keto dieters only eat one or two meals a day. They aren’t skipping meals, per se, but only eat when they are hungry.

At the end of the day, careful planning and knowledge can help dieters succeed. Of course, not everyone has the time to become a keto expert. Fortunately, there’s an app for all that- the Keto Diet App. And if you do stick to the keto diet, you could reap some serious benefits.  

So while the keto diet may seem unconventional, for many people it could be life-changing. And while sticking to any diet is hard, thanks to the efforts of Slajerova and other experts, the keto diet has never been easier.

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