Why Virtual Assistants are Critical to Growing an Online Business

Being an entrepreneur sounds all cool, exciting and sexy to most. Reality is, building a business can be immensely time consuming. In December of 2020, just prior to hiring my first VA, things were going really well business wise. Except I was working non-stop from 5am-10pm, with only a break to go work out at the gym. 

Obviously, that’s not sustainable, but I decided to continue to push on, buying into the hustle culture that exists amongst entrepreneurs. Once I hit the breaking point of not being able to handle the workload and keep up with growth, I hired my first Virtual Assistant. 

Since then, it has changed my business and the way I’ll look at it forever. I’ve been able to focus on the key things to grow the business, and outsourced the tasks that are important, but don’t necessarily have to be done by me. 

If you’re on the fence about hiring a virtual assistant, I might just change your mind with these 3 reasons. 


Time is our most valuable asset. Wouldn’t you want more of it? Well, now you can. Hiring a virtual assistant can free up hours per day of your time, that you can choose to spend how you want. Whether or not you want to go for a walk, swim at the beach or catch up with a friend, hiring someone to handle tasks that you don’t necessarily need to be doing is imperative to growing a business.


Everyone has the same 24 hours in a day. Even if you worked for all of these 24 hours, you’d still only be able to accomplish so much. What the vast majority of big companies have in common, is that they have a team to grow the business. It’s not the CEO doing it all on their own. By hiring virtual assistants, you can massively increase the companies output, and greatly increase your revenue, 

Doing less, to do more

As a business owner, the fewer number of decisions you make per day is the key to winning. If you have a to-do list of 100 things, you’re more than likely going to be overwhelmed and dread the thought of it. A CEO’s role is to drive the company forward, not deal with small, delegatable tasks. 

These are 3 simple reasons why I believe every business owner needs a virtual assistant. If you’re not sure where to start when it comes to hiring a virtual assistant, reach out to Outsource Monkey. 

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