Why When Lauren White Speaks, We Should All Listen

It goes without saying the last 12 months have been a crazy ride, and nothing any of us could ever have expected. The level of impact has been different for each and every one of us and while some have experienced hardship and loss, others have identified opportunities and have stood out in their fields of expertise. Lauren White has most definitely earned her place in the latter category.

Lauren White is a Life Coach, Addictions Counsellor and Motivational Speaker, helping to change people’s lives on a daily basis, and determined to have an impact on people’s well being. With Lauren, her knowledge and thought power didn’t come from a textbook, it’s all based on real life traumatic experience. Growing up, Lauren battled addictions and self sabotaging behaviours and found herself within the confines of a very dark place, both mentally and physically.

By the age of 18, Lauren had found the strength to become sober and decided to make it her life mission to help others turn their lives around, and climb out of the darkness back into the light. She gained experience working with the Amy Winehouse Foundation and other similar companies to get out and about into institutions so she could conduct talks based around her own personal story and recovery.

Nowadays, Lauren combines her motivational speaking with 1 on 1 coaching, helping individuals who are battling depression and anxiety. Through coaching and addiction counseling, Lauren is able to help her clients become the best versions of themselves, without turning to self sabotaging and spiraling behaviours. Her motivational speaking duties are mostly targeted at large brand companies with a strong focus around mental health and the well being of employees.

The backbone of Lauren White’s coaching is a 6 week program where she is able to help her clients break out of damaging cycles by creating new habits, patterns and behaviours which are quite simply, healthy! Lauren empowers them to become the happiest they have ever been by exploring their own self belief and self worth, and by providing real life stories from her own experience, dealing with self destructive demons and limitations. 

Lauren’s mantra is simple. No matter how dire the situation may seem, or how dark the nights are becoming, with the right coaching people can be guided to turn their life around, and she has the experience to prove it! 

Lauren White is excited to continue working with brands and large companies to help them achieve their most successful results through improvements in well being, and assisting them to grow into the best possible people they can be. Lauren is also looking for 3 people to take part in her exclusive 6 week program and experience the life transformation she’s become famous for.

If you’d like to learn more about Lauren White and take part in her journey, reach out via Instagram @iamlaurenwhite and let her help you change your life course for the better.

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