Why Women are Stuck in Toxic Relationships – A Conversation with Coach Eve Keil

Toxic relationships often develop over time, insidiously. Anyone can find themselves in an unhealthy partnership at one point in their life, including successful career women who seem powerful from the outside but struggle from low self-esteem and self-worth on the inside. The negative effects of remaining in a toxic relationship continue to build and they cannot find the courage to get out.

In those cases, Eve Keil is there to help! Through EK Coaching, her Certified Relationship Coach and Leadership Coaching practice, she helps career women who are stuck in toxic relationships by building up their self-worth and unlocking their inner power so they can have the courage and confidence to break free from toxic relationships.

According to Eve, there can be a variety of reasons why women get trapped in toxic relationships. The toxic partner, for instance, often proves to be a master manipulator who uses emotional tactics to keep the woman from seeing family and friends, enjoying their hobbies, or even having a successful career. He’s set on “getting everything his way” while the woman slowly but certainly loses her sense of purpose.

Furthermore, the abuser seeks to instil high levels of self-doubt in his victim. Ultimately, this ends up with the woman questioning her every move until she becomes unsure of her own reality. “This is commonly referred to as gaslighting,” the coach continues, “and it’s a major problem. Add long-term psychological and/or physical abuse to the mix and you end with a recipe for disaster,” Eve concludes.

“All these factors come together in one core problem,” Eve says, “and that’s low self-confidence due to low self-esteem and self-worth.” Therefore Eve focuses her coaching predominantly on building up the confidence levels of her clients. “My focus is confidence and mindset coaching with a strengths-based approach. I believe we all have our unique talents, skills and motivations to succeed.”

By making use of Positive Psychology tools and Character Strengths assessments, along with other proven techniques, Eve aims to bring out her client’s brilliance – helping them achieve freedom from self-limiting beliefs that have been holding them back. Eve explains, “With that change of heart and mindset, you will be empowered to create a life you truly desire and truly deserve. In short, it will give you the confidence to walk away from the toxic relationships that have you in their grasp.”

Eve is happily married to a man who is a successful businessman, Navy veteran, and loving father. Together, they have three beautiful children. However, things didn’t always seem so bright for Eve. Her passion to help women get out of toxic relationships stems from her own personal experiences of being in a codependent relationship.

She knows the feeling of losing her true self in order to be the version she was expected to be by family and society.  She was tired of seeking approval of her self-worth by meeting the needs of others. She felt suffocated and stuck and she longed for freedom the whole time.

However, she believes everything happens for a reason and that stage of her life made her who she is today. It became her motivation to help other women get out of toxic relationships. She says: “I am an optimist. I see, hope, and believe that we have the power to leave our past behind and create our future. I don’t believe in failure. Either you win or you learn.

Furthermore, I believe mindset is the foundation of everything: once you shift your mindset, your potential will be unleashed, and everything is possible. And that’s exactly what I want to instil in my clients.”

Afraid you’re stuck in a toxic relationship? Visit EK Coaching’s website to see how Eve can help you. 

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