Why You Aren’t Rich Yet (and How to Fix That)

Are you able to afford all the things you really want? If you’re like most people, probably not. Perhaps you’re even struggling to cover your basic living expenses like rent/mortgage payment, gas for the car, and groceries. Do you ever wonder why you aren’t rich yet – and how to fix that situation?

Most people aren’t rich for the following reasons:

You Haven’t Made a Plan for Growing Your Wealth

Newsflash: You aren’t going to just wake up one morning and magically find that you’re rich. If you want to get rich, you have to make a strategic plan for how you will increase your wealth. Then, you have to systematically follow that plan.

You’re Too Busy Doing Things That Don’t Increase Your Wealth

The old cliché is correct: Time really can be transformed into money – but, that’s only true if you spend your time doing things that will earn you money.

Are you squandering your time by watching mindless TV shows, hours of gaming, or messing around on social media? After you grow rich, these are things you’ll be able to indulge in. In the meanwhile, time spent on these things serves only to make other people rich – at your own expense.  There’s nothing wrong with doing these things in moderation; but, if you want to grow wealthy, you’ll need to be deliberate about how you spend your time.

Perhaps you’re too easily sidetracked; you sit down to work, but you end up clicking links in your emails and wasting hours watching YouTube videos as a result. In that case, learning some effective time management strategies can help to keep you on track.

Perhaps you actually spend your time working, but you’re working on all the wrong projects. It’s easy to get caught up in busy work that will not make any difference to your bottom line.

Instead, identify the activities that actually earn you money. Then focus your efforts on doing those things and de-prioritize everything else.

You’re Not Properly Leveraging Other People’s Time and Talents

What is your time worth? If you’re capable of earning $55 an hour, it would be a mistake, for example, to spend your time washing your own car. Pay some kid in your neighborhood $20 an hour to wash your car, and use your own valuable time for performing more lucrative activities.

Even if your hourly rate isn’t currently that high, you should still leverage other people’s time when you can. Put your children in charge of preparing dinner, making their own beds, and taking out the trash. Pay others to do jobs that you aren’t good at but need to get done.

You’re Not Making the Right Investments With the Money You Have

Investing well can make you rich. Putting money in the bank will never accomplish that. Spending money on depreciating assets like cars, clothes, and toys will also not accomplish that.

You’re Networking With the Wrong People

If you’re hanging around with people who earn around the same income you do, or even less, it will be a challenge for you to get rich. Expand your network to include people who are wealthier than you are; then learn as much as you can by watching how they do things.

Your situation is unique, so all of these scenarios might not apply to you, but at least one of the above situations does apply to most of the people in this world who are not rich. So, if you want to be rich, go through the list and identify which of these reasons are holding you back from creating the wealth you desire.

Then make a plan and identify actions you can take to change the things that are holding you back. Plan, delegate, invest, and network. If you do all these things, do not be surprised if your wealth starts to grow as a result.

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