Why You Need a Personal Touch to Your Brand According to Millennial Entrepreneur Matilda Morgan 

The term “personal branding” refers to when you position yourself as who you are and what you believe is your brand. Personal branding has made those actors, athletes, musicians, big companies, and celebrities dominate their industry. With today’s competition in the business world, the importance of personal branding for your business cannot be overemphasized.

Personal branding has become easier today. In fact, anyone with an internet-enabled device can log on social media to create an audience base, to position themselves as a thought leader, and to start getting clients for their business. While it is a good thing that so many people are aspiring to become successful entrepreneurs, this also means that every independent professional, freelancer, and entrepreneur will face fierce competition than they had. The key to differentiating yourself in the sea of sameness is by building a personal brand that reflects your value, mission and story.

But the tricky thing is: where do you spend your time to get the results you want? How do you position yourself in a way that resonates with your prospects’ desires, wants and needs? If you decide to build a one-size-fits-all personal brand strategy, this would be lethal to your business. It is like writing a brand message/story that focuses on casual clothing when you sell professional attire. That is why it is the job of a brand strategist who understands all the principles of building a personal brand that can not only recognize the importance of their personal touch to their business, but also understands how their product or service can resonate with their audience. This is where Matilda Morgan and her company, Impact Driven Style comes in. As a brand  image consultant, Matilda founded Impact Driven Style with an aim to help entrepreneurs, speakers and leaders to use fashion for their advantage, as well as to transform their image into a powerful business asset. By cultivating unique, on-brand looks that reinforce the messages they seek to promote, Matilda helps increase the impact of her clients’ businesses.  

 As a South-East Victoria native, Matilda, founder of 3 separate businesses, entered the fashion industry over 6 years ago. It didn’t take long for her to realize that most people didn’t put too much thought into their business attire or even know how to wear clothing that suited them. Most people simply dressed how they assumed others expected them to dress, without really understanding the power that sartorial choices have. Wanting to make a difference showing people how to make their clothes work for them, Matilda decided to focus her attention on dressing  leaders  and  entrepreneurs  and  helping  them  create  a  large  scale  impact  in  their professional  lives. In  changing  what  entrepreneurs  wear  and how they wear it,  Matilda believes professionals  can be  even  more  effective  at  developing  partnerships,  making  a  name  for  themselves  and  building their  desired  reputation  and,  of  course,  attracting  business  and  generating  income. “Often  it’s  the  simple  shift  of  what  we  are  wearing  that  will  have  the  greatest  impact  on  our marketing  and  being  perceived  as  a  viable  option”,  Matilda  explains. This  is  especially  true  as  we  find  ourselves,  whether  out  of  necessity  or  convenience,  turning increasingly  to  the  virtual  world  to  build  professional  relationships  and  grow  our  businesses.  We are  now  more  than  ever  using social  media  and  online  resources  to  make  vital  determinations about  potential  and future business relationships.  

Today, there is no all-in-one formula for building a personal brand, but there are personal brand strategies that still work. The key is to find those high-yield strategies that will not waste your time and money. Matilda is well experienced in the personal branding world. She has given four simple, proven steps for you to understand the inner workings of how you can inject a personal touch into your brand. Here are her tips for entrepreneurs like you:

Find Your Niche

The most important benefit you get from a niche is that you can get a feel for your target audience. A niche makes you an expert in what you do. When you don’t have a niche, you can’t market yourself properly. From forming partnerships to reaching out to clients, having a niche is the first step to becoming successful in bringing that personal touch into your brand. 

Add Personality Into Your Brand

When you add a personal image to your brand, you get recognized as an expert, an influencer, and not as another company or business. Personal brand stories and strategies should be leveraged to achieve exponential growth in your business. Many entrepreneurs are oblivious to the potentials of injecting a personal image, they are afraid to add their personality. This has been a clog in the wheel of their company’s progress. You must not shy away from adding a personal touch because it is what you need to beat your competitors and to stand tall in the minds of your prospects. 

Inject a Impact Driven Style

When you have an impact-driven style, you can take your business to the best level of progress by bringing to light your personality and a brand story that remains memorable to your customers. As a brand strategist and entrepreneur, Matilda uses an idea-driven strategy to promote people’s brands. Her approach is underpinned by getting your personal touch in your brand and that has delivered results for entrepreneurs from the fashion industry to other niches. An Impact driven style allows you to present your brand story or message in a way that reflects your brand’s conformity and uniqueness. 

Get a Mentor

Since time immemorial, every successful entrepreneur has achieved success through the help of others—directly or indirectly. No one is insular, and there is no such thing as a “self-made” Millennial entrepreneur. Like in the corporate world, becoming a recognized expert in a field is challenging. Doctors, Corporate Executives, Lawyers, athletes, and first-class entrepreneurs all have mentors, coaches, role models they look up to. Similarly, getting to the top in your business will require you to get a mentor. Someone who can guide you in making life-changing decisions that not only influence your brand but also influence your audience. You need a go-to expert like Matilda who can define your brand story, add a personal image to it, and promote your brand to the right audience. All you have to do is to book a call with Matilda so you can get started on your journey to greatness. 

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