Why You Should Follow Mostafa Amir Modak on Instagram

Mostafa Amir Modak, aka @m.o.d.a.k on Instagram, is turning heads, inspiring others, and building a following. With nearly 95K followers, Mostafa’s influence is continually growing. He is a marine, influencer, investor, and has received a number of shout outs from celebrities and clothing brands. “I earned a lot of my followers from my style, inspiration, and shout-outs.

His following just keeps growing because of his humor and comedic presence, his inspiration, and motivation to be better. “A lot of people enjoy watching my posts and it boosts their will to get up and achieve their goals,” Mostafa says. “This is what people like about my Instagram, this is just what I do.”

With almost 95K followers and counting, his account is only going to get bigger. Inspiration is everywhere and Mostafa intends to dispel it to anyone that needs it. “Everyone faces challenges, it was tough to get where I’m at. I had to crawl before I learned how to walk,” he says.

After finding some fame when he received some shout-outs from a few celebrities and having posted himself connected to Kodak Black’s streetwear clothing brand Sniper Gang and other celebrities, his popularity became higher. He has collaborated with American rapper Kodak Black known for his music and bad boy persona, Krysten Ritter, Hasan Johnson and Francesca Fargo, plus many more. Mostafa says he is very excited and open to other collaborations.

Making it as an influencer isn’t too difficult to achieve according to Mostafa, “Anyone can do this; just keep it simple, stay humble, promote yourself or business as much as you can, learn from the best and have good connections,” he advises. But it does take some work and a particular motivation. “You have to go against all odds and really boss your life up.”

In his success, he has moved into doing what is best for him and is inspiring others to do the same. He didn’t expect to become this impressionable though when he started his Instagram two years ago. “This is really just a creative outlet that grew into something huge and rewarding,” Mostafa said, smiling. “I’ve been through a lot, and had a rough upbringing, but I get to share these trials and connect with people in a way that inspires and speaks to them.”

Mostafa was born in New Jersey, but his family originated from Egypt and he moved with them and lived there for a while before returning to the States. After growing up with challenges and setbacks, he earned his G.E.D. and joined the Marines. Even there he had faced a number of challenges.

“I really feel like I am growing up, if I could go back and have the option to undo some things I wouldn’t because that is what has made me who I am today,” Mostafa says.  At just twenty years old, he is moving into the adult world through his experience in the Marines, his childhood troubles, and his connections to celebrities, brands, and other influencers.

“I worked hard to get where I am today. I recognize that I am an inspiration, and can do my part to connect with others in whatever they are struggling with,” Mostafa says smiling. “I went through a lot and made it out the other side.” With each post, more and more inspired fans comment, share, and like what he is putting out.

The twenty year old influencer doesn’t plan on slowing down now. He has plans for the future for the expansion of his brand and collaborations. “I plan on getting sponsorships, working with more influencers, and taking things to the next level,” he says excitedly. And his followers are expectant, his presence is growing and his personality truly shines through. 

Mostafa Amir is a growing Instagram influencer with ties to various celebrities and brands, including, but not limited to Kodak Black and Sniper Gang, Francesca Fargo, and many others. With almost 95K followers, thousands of likes and video watchers, his influence goes far. Check him out here.


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