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Why You Should Over-Deliver for your Customers

It really is stunning when you go the extra mile for a client and they are blown away by it. It’ll be the thing that will help you avoid failure as a freelancer. I’m talking about even some very simple things:

> Recording a video message instead of using text to respond to a question
> Offering more than had been paid for (a higher package, more calls with them, a visit)
> Doing some of the work with the client, rather than just offering suggestions

Over-delivery is one of the easiest competitive advantages to have when most people just do “the essentials.”

Why is over-delivery so rare? Simple – the way existing clients are viewed is usually completely incorrect.

If someone’s paid for a service, they are no longer providing any more income than that projected (either as a subscription or as a one-off fee) rate, right?


That client is actually one of your most valuable marketing tools.

Every time you do something extra, you’re depositing into their emotional bank account.

Every time you help them get more than they expected, they remember why you’re the one for them.

Each time you demonstrate that they mean everything to you, it not only validates their decision to work with you but also solidifies their desire to continue the relationship.

…and what do you think happens when their friends need a similar service?

…who to they talk about to their network when you change their world?


So how do you do this?

Act as though each of the clients you have are your highest-paying customers and imagine they are about to leave you.

How would you act then?

That’s right – you’d do anything for them.

Trust me, word of your services then starts getting around. You’ll be tagged, shared, and commented about. People will write about you. But, most importantly, the word will spread in a way that people trust – through their friends.

Disregard your clients at your peril!

If you’d like to talk more on strategy, I’d love to help. Whatever is on your mind, let’s build a play-by-play to get you to the top. FYI – I’m pretty direct, but that’s how we’re going to get results. Time to take some action, right?

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